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Kevin McCarthy says we are all responsible for Jan. 6th.
NO F**K BOY you don't get to pass the blame to Americans that just want this government to work for the people! @GOP play hard till it's your feet to the fire! #Accountability @GOPLeader you are not!

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There is a mountain of CLEAR, and growing evidence…which by the way, is all on PUBLIC display. #ConvictTrump. That actually would be patriotic. Or don’t, and show the nation that you’re no better than he is. #Accountability #insurrection

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@SteveSchmidtSES @GOPLeader We Are All Desperate For Accountability #ACCOUNTABILITY @GOP @DNC @MSNBC @FoxNews @ProjectLincoln @MeidasTouch @nytpolitics @washingtonpost

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@LindseyGrahamSC So you want to start talking about who should be held accountable for there actions. #LindseyGrahamIsATraitor #Accountability #ExpelTheSeditionists

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@DonaldJTrumpJr 😂🤣😄😄😁
Are you grounded donald baby 🍼?
Are you afraid to venture outside without secret service?
Play with fire 🔥 long enough and it will....
#Accountability is coming

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Will the pandemic increase or reduce public scrutiny on corruption and transparency issues? Read the latest: #DealinginUncertainty #Transparency #Accountability

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They broke up The Black Panthers Organization well it’s Time to Break Up The White GOP & NRA Terrorist Organization against Blacks #Accountability

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@MotherJones Phenom article: Their behavior is so breathtakingly hypocritical that it’s easy to treat it as... flashpoint in the rapidly escalating #culturewars.... strategy to hobble the new administration’s attempt at #accountability and #reconciliation.

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#Responsibility #Accountability #Gratitude #Saturdaythoughts Daily Aligning with Love, Abundance, and Peace #176

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Important's of Accounting.

Join us for all your financial needs & accounting @infinzi

#Accounting #accountant #accountibility #accountingservices #accountingtutor #accountancy #accountmanager #Accountability #accountants #accounts #accountantlife #bookkeeping #taxes2020

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@GOPLeader @NationalGuard Congratulations! You have reached a new level of soulless immorality by using our troops as a deflection from your complicity in an insurrection. #Accountability #GOPComplicitTraitors

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Legitimacy does not come from elections alone. Legitimate representatives are accountable, answerable to people, honest, driven by national not sectarian nor self interest. #Lebanon's rulers are far from this #RepresentationMatters #LeadershipMatters #Accountability #HumanRights

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Let’s not forget the #Seditionist who enabled #trump! #Accountability #ExpelTedCruzNow #MitchMcConnell #gop #Republicans #Senate Democrats #America

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@juliangbell @P_DriscollW5W13 @fayblock @VirendraSharma @JasbirAnand2 @PaulConlanUK the cover for your next manifesto. @EalingOne @TheBroadwayUB1 @CentrAct1 @WestEalingNews LTN tax shambles. Coming to a road near you. #Accountability

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Is this Q-tip hoarder being investigated yet? I'm really starting to think her many psychological issues run dangerously deep. #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy #Accountability #QAnonCult

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@BillCassidy @SenateGOP @LeaderMcConnell @SecElaineChao @Liz_Cheney For the love of country, please hold #trump and all #Seditionists accountable! Our country and our democracy hangs by a thread! #gop #SenateGOP #Senate Democrats #America #Accountability #MitchMcConnell

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@Hallmark has @RogerMarshallMD @kmbc returned the campaign donation for his seditious acts against the country? Update? #sedition #accountability

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We are not going to Church, we are the church! #Accountability @craiggroeschel

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@old_osc @ablnk @GOPLeader @GOP More avoiding responsibilities and more victim blaming from the GOP leadership. Pathetic. He’s standing on a street corner with blood on his hands screaming at anyone who passes by “Look at what you made me do!!”. Really pathetic for the GOP.

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In these trying times we need less #Sketchy ppl in high places and more #effective leaders, more #dedication and less concern with #material things. It’s a choice we make for #Guyana and it’s people. #Accountability #NoToTheft #Justice

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Can someone tell me why people wanna push this “you’re too sensitive” narrative when called out for bigotry??? It’s tied asf😕 #Accountability #BlackTwitter

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Obedience is our responsibility, outcome is God's responsibility #Accountability @craiggroeschel

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Totally agree the stress and mental anguish toll on all her victims is the untold truth. The gov should compensate all those victims of her terrorizing psychological abuse. @GlobeDebate Thx for the insight ! #accountability for healing! JT hired her he should fix the problem.

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Oops I Did it Again ..😎😁😎@cnnbrk @nbc @CBSNews @ABCWorldNews #Melania #DontTrustPeopleWho #2020Election #BREAKING #2021makeawish #Accountability #FakeNews #TrumpIsALaughingStock #WearAMask

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Another tragic story of being implicated in a "false case" & within the Indian Judicial. The prosecution make a mockery & the judges sit idle until the trial commences. 🇬🇧 national #JagtarSinghJohal has been in jail for 1177 days. Incredible 🇮🇳.


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@tomlobianco There’s no unity without #accountability. There’s no accountability if we keep looking away from the truth. Truth: #WhiteSupremacists committed acts of #DomesticTerrorism on our #Capitol.

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@TinaYazdani Weren’t vaccines already bought & paid for? If there’s not enough vaccine available for the country, when’s lockdown ending? Never?!

Sense. 🤷🏽‍♂️🤔🤦🏽‍♂️

#Event201 #Covid #Covid19 #Vaccine #Pfizer #ModeRNA #VaccineShortage #Accountability #TheGreatReset

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@ChuckGrassley So a President can insight a riot, try to overturn an election and LIE to every American about a deadly virus, steal and play golf to enrich himself, divide like no ther President, but to Republicans this is Division? Fuck you! Law is the Law! #Accountability #SueFoxNews

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I hope they don't.
We will keep discovering details of his criminal seditious infamy and beat them in elections with it for a generation.

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As the UK death toll rises to 100,000 one thing is crystal clear. This government is incapable of managing this crisis. They need to resign and more capable leadership is required, at least a government of national unity. They are failing. Not us #Covid19UK #Accountability

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If you have a spare hour I really would encourage you to watch this. @roysmithpolice so inspiring!! @BluelightInfo great hosting. #legitimacy #confidence #accountability

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Police Recruitment - 'In Conversation with....' Chief Superintendent Roy Smith @roysmithpolice - The last 5 minutes, if this doesn't inspire you I don't know what will! via @YouTube

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Jan. 23: ‘Canadians deserve better.’ Readers react to Julie Payette’s resignation, plus other letters to the editor

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There is a profoundly important issue that is being grotesquely under covered in the media, particularly the business and tech media. It concerns the actions of 140 House Members led by @GOPLeader Kevin McCarthy and 7 US Senators on the night of January 6, 2021. This should not

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A tragic story from the state governed by India's best CM

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BREAKING NEWS: "DOJ's leaders listened in stunned silence: One of their peers, they were told, had devised a plan with President Trump to oust acting AG Jeffrey Rosen and wield DOJ's power to force Georgia lawmakers to overturn its 2020 election results."

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Folks, this is not complicated. Without accountability, the next coup will succeed.

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Consensus in Senate GOP: Getting 17 GOP votes to convict Trump almost certainly won’t happen. “The chances of getting a conviction are virtually nil,” Wicker says. “There's less than a handful of Republicans in play," Graham said. More than a dozen agree.

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Former Minister of Public Infrastructure, David Patterson was on Friday summoned to the Special Organised Crime Unit (SOCU) for questioning in relation to his involvement in the award of a contract for the feasibility study and design of the Demerara…

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A former head of Vatican bank has been sentenced to almost 9 years in prison for embezzlement and money laundering.

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