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@Joy_Villa @JoeBiden is a #Globalist #NWO #POS he will never put #AmericaFirst #JoeBidenIsNotMyPresident #JoeBidenWillNeverBePresident President Donald Trump is still my President! No more #Republicans or #Democrats
Let the #PatriotParty begin!

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@GOP Get the cowards in the senate to stand up for #AmericaFirst
Or they must go if not I say about 60 million of the 75 that voted for Trump will go
@RNC @TheLeoTerrell @gregkellyusa @LeaderMcConnell @DonaldJTrumpJr

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All you #NotMyPresident folks, ok this morning? Need a hug? Just kidding. Your wet dream was just that. Clean yourself up and join us. America is back. 🇺🇸🗽🦅 #trump #MAGA #QAnons #AmericaFirst #America #Democrats #DignityForAll

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It’s ok, the clown wasn’t my president! There is a difference. #PresidentBiden is a wonderful kind loving person. The traitor was vile, sexist, racist, narcissistic & hated worldwide. #Facts don’t lie. #ArrestDonaldTrump #AmericaFirst ❤️🤍💙🇺🇸🎉🎉🍾🥂🗽🖤✊🏽

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He's a politician paying back donors. He's not #AmericaFirst.

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Yes we do but without these Rhinos! #AmericaFirst That’s the STRONG MESSAGE. Start by BLASTING Biden for canceling the Keystone Pipeline and the JOBS LOST!

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@TheLeoTerrell Leo we are 75 million strong.we need to take our party back. First thing they need to sick together. 2nd The following Senators must go.
@MittRomney @SenSasse @lisamurkowski @LeaderMcConnell @SenatorCollins @SenToomey 3rd stand up for the #AmericaFirst.if not we go

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@DonaldJTrumpJr Please tell your Fad we miss him already. 🙏🙏🙏for your entire family. #AmericaFirst #StandWithTrump

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@SenTedCruz yes you are right. Biden is a secret Parisian. Thank you for your dedication to misinformation and division in #AmericaFirst

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@DavidPaisley That’s the number one conservative move the last few decades: say the exact opposite of reality.

Even #AmericaFirst wasn’t true! The @GOP platform was literally ‘we support Trump’, and they did as much to the peril of America.

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#EMIGSBreakingNews #PleaseRetweet #BernieSanders #MelaniaTrump #ConvictTrump #BidenAdministration #AmericaFirst #America according to sources

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@DonaldJTrumpJr Glad @ Real Donald Trump was able to pull the curtain back on the DC #swamprats and expose the #CORRUPTION #WeThePeople will never give up on you. #AmericaForTrump #AmericaFirst
#DrainTheTraitors #DrainTheSwamp

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I am not for a third party. As much as I despise many Establishment GOPers, the best thing is to get true #AmericaFirst conservatives in and change the culture of the party.

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Retweet: Our government is a joke and passed at #TrumpBestPresidentEver for EXPOSING there #GovernmentCurruption
Now through in #SocialistMarxistDemocratCommunist will this mountain ever be Scaled by Americans again? Will we ever be able to have #AmericaFirst 🇺🇲 again?

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#AmericaFirst did not die yesterday.

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@matteorenzi @JoeBiden Per il momento ha detto #AmericaFirst per i vaccini

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#Censorship is still occuring and @Twitter and @Facebook seem to be on the forefront of it. Everyday I lose more and more followers. I follow all #Patriots and #PatriotParty members no matter who they are as long as they love the #USA #Repost #Opinion #MAGA #AmericaFirst #freedom

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@RandyRRQuaid Huckabee: Impeach Kamala Harris for encouraging summer riots – Main Street Gazette

MAKE YOUR VOICE BE HEARD!!!!!!!!!!! GET THIS OUT VIRALLY!!!!!!!!!!! Make this go viral!

#makethisgoviral #DeclassifyEverything #WeThePeople #USA #1A #AmericaFirst

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From @WSJopinion: "The GOP needs a strong message and effective messengers to deliver it." @KarlRove on how the Republican Party can rebuild.

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In the lyrics of singer Mandisa: “It’s a good morning, Wake up to a brand new day..This morning, I’m steppin, steppin on way...
Goodmorning, You give strength, You give me just what I need, and I can feel the hope that’s risin in me”
America 🇺🇸

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No you do not, I assure you. Trump was not just a person. He was/is a movement. 👉🏽 #TrumpMovement #AmericaFirst

Joe Biden 👉🏽 #AmericaLast

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@JasonMillerinDC America’s free & unbiased press the cornerstone of liberty’s defense corrupted. #MAGA #AmericaFirst

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@DonaldJTrumpJr America’s free & unbiased press the cornerstone of liberty’s defense corrupted. #MAGA #AmericaFirst

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What B.S.!! WHY would we return to an org that lead us wrong to begin with, that coddles to China while we pick up MOST of the funding? What sense does this make? More wasted $$$?


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Can the original 16 states of the confederacy go ahead and secede again? Take back our country! #PresidentTrump #1776Again #CivilWar2 #AmericaFirst #ElectionFraud

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Thursday Live: Remember We Are The Majority–Don’t Let The Globalists Gaslight You!
#COVID19 #FreeSpeech #Venezuela
Tune into this power edition of the Alex Jones Show with special guests including Gavin McInnes, Steve Quayle Jay Dyer &more!

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#WeAllBleedRed #Americans

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#COVID19 #coronavirus #Corona MR BIDEN @JoeBiden there is inadequate supply of OXYGEN IN HOSPITALS ACROSS #America AND HOW OUR CRITICAL SUPPLY INDUSTRIES ARE IN CHINA WHO HOARD SUPPLIES AND DENY SUPPLY... #AmericaFirst #InaugurationDay #DonaldTrump

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America FIRST died yesterday.

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@aaronjcarpenter @GOP #AmericaFirst !? You're inheritors of a cowardly legacy formed by anti-semites, nazi sympathizers, and collaborators! Look at me not surprised. Pelosi was right when she called you guys punks! Haha!

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House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy: "I was disappointed to see, within hours of assuming office, the new administration was more interested in helping illegal immigrants than helping our own citizens …"

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Discussing the colonial history of the U.S. and other nations across the West is only the first step in addressing the impacts that these histories had on Indigenous Peoples. It’s past time we #DecolonizeHistory and take a look at the legacies of colonialism. #MayflowersKill 📢

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Within hours after assuming office, the new administration was more interested in helping illegal immigrants than in helping our own citizens.

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#UPDATE In a dramatic about-turn, the new US administration on Thursday thanked the World Health Organization ( #WHO) for leading the global coronavirus pandemic response and vowed to remain a member state #AnthonyFauci #Fauci

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Republicans must show Biden the same respect that Democrats showed President Trump over the course of the last four years. That is the fair and the right thing to do - show Biden the same respect Trump was shown.

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@funder @POTUS I speak for most of us Trump supporters when I say for the last 4 years, our actions were unacceptable and some of the things we did will never be forgotten. It felt like we were possessed by some demonic spirit and we're glad the Trump Era is gone.

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Why doesn’t @JoeBiden want us to be energy independent?

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By rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement, President Biden indicates he’s more interested in the views of the citizens of Paris than in the jobs of the citizens of Pittsburgh. This agreement will do little to affect the climate and will harm the livelihoods of Americans.

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Members of Congress have each been paid 16 paydays of $7,125 base salaries for a total of $114,000 since sending you $1,200 to live on 240 days ago. You got 20 cents a day, they got $475 a day. And they took a recess (paid vacation). #coronavirus #StimulusCheck

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