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@MichaelRapaport @iamrapaport #ResignTedCruz #ResignJoshHawley #ArrestBoebert and #ArrestGreene so they can take some correspondence courses or something

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I will no longer fan this flame. She was an irritating but contained little brush fire who has been fanned into a full fledged wildfire that continues to spread bc of continuous oxygen.
I’m done. #BoebertResign #UnseatLaurenBoebert #LaurenBoebert #ArrestBoebert

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@laurenboebert This is not helpful in representing your constitutes. Not even ATTEMPTING to bring about unity or healing. Go away #Qbert #ArrestBoebert

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@foushi19 @laurenboebert I second that....source? Please resign. I would settle for #ArrestBoebert

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@laurenboebert The statistic is coming from a very credible source. #Resign #ArrestBoebert #QAnonCult Now that’s a mug that only a mother could love. #MugShot

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.@laurenboebert is officially the untrained, #unHousebroken poodle that won't stop barking.

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@laurenboebert Great. Something else you’ve ruined for Americans. #resign #ExpelLaurenBoebert #ArrestBoebert

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@SpeakerPelosi can we be done w this empty can now? She’a got her 15 minutes. Send her home for good. #ExpelLaurenBoebert #ExpelTheSeditionists #ArrestBoebert

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What’s happening? Exactly what *is* happening?
#ClimateDenial #ClimateEmergency #ArrestBoebert

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@ayeshasyedali @ShawnFnLucas That is her personal account, and technically she can block me from it, but it’s still a really bad look when everybody knows she’s in Congress. For the time being, that is #SqueakyBoebert #ArrestBoebert

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@laurenboebert It’s not even PUEBLO that should be concerning when it comes to the #ParisClimateAgreement, the word CLIMATE should give you a clue that it helps your constituents. Unless of course they don’t share the same one as the rest of us? #Pueblo #LaurenBoebert #ArrestBoebert

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This is who @laurenboebert was talking about when she admitted she had 'constituents outside' on Jan 6th. This guy has been arrested and also has a photo in front of @RepBoebert restaurant in Colorado...REMOVE HER NOW.

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More #GOPLies from #LaurenBoebertCopKiller.....
If only she knew how to read.....
LAUREN LIED, COPS DIED!!!!   #ArrestBoebert #TraitorBoebert #LaurenBoebertCopKiller

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It was supposed to keep the white supremacist domestic terrorists like you out......
LAUREN LIED, COPS DIED!!!!   #ArrestBoebert #TraitorBoebert #LaurenBoebertCopKiller

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@catfishyak There is usually an upside if you look hard enough. She rants like a guilty person. She and X45 have that in common.
@laurenboebert is making it easier to expel, and arrest her.

#ExpelLaurenBoebert #ArrestBoebert

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@RepBoebert When you tweet to suck up to Donald Trump, do you scribble it on a post-it note to send him? You actively participated in an effort to choose tyranny over democracy just a couple of weeks ago. #ExpelBoebert #ArrestBoebert

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The Resistance continues....
#ExpelTheSeditionists #ExpelCruz #ExpelCruzandHawley #ExpelHawley #ExpelLaurenBoebert #ExpelMarjorieTaylorGreene #ExpelMoBrooks #ExpelMattGaetz #ExpelMadisonCawthorn #ArrestBoebert #ArrestMarjorieTaylorGreene

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There is no challenge so great or emergency so immediate that tyranny is the solution.

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BREAKING: Trump’s campaign paid organizers of pre-riot rally $2.7 million—Bloomberg. Arrest everyone involved.

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"Stop eating paint!" 🤪😂🤪😂
That explains sooooo much!!!


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@tedcruz is just as responsible as Trump and his cult insurrectionists for the MURDER of the the capiltol police officer. #ExpelCruzNOW #ArrestCruz for inciting violence and insurrection. #ArrestTrump #ExpelHawleyMO #Expelboebert #ArrestBoebert #ExpelGreene

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AND..... THERE IT IS. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO) introduces legislation to PROHIBIT a mask mandate on federal grounds or interstate transportation amid the pandemic

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Ted Cruz slams 'rich' Seth Rogen after actor calls him a 'fascist' in spat over Biden's Paris climate pledge

@tedcruz⁩ just admit it you are not just a fascist , but a cop killer too .

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@LaurenBoebert must be arrested for inciting violence and insurrection. She must be held accountable for her #Treasonous actions. She is a traitor. #ExpelBoebert #ArrestBoebert

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@laurenboebert A lot of ppl are saying Boebert married a pervert & tried to overthrow the U.S. gov't in order to install DT as tin-pot dictator, bc she watched too many Rambo movies while she was going thru puberty & got em twisted into some weird sex kink tied to insurrection.


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Is the fencing in DC to keep Joe from wandering off?

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These are 2 members of Congress?
@mtgreenee @laurenboebert



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Remember during the campaign when Biden said he would not end fracking?

Day One, he confirmed he’s placing a ban on fracking.

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I work for the people of Pueblo, not the people of Paris.

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I've heard many resisters say that we've accomplished our mission. Not even close. Cruz, Gaetz, Jordan, Rubio, Nunes, and so many more have got to go. If you don't think we have the power, just ask Loeffler and Purdue.

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@laurenboebert In her financial disclosure @RepBoebert claimed her business lost almost a quarter of a million dollars. She also had $20,000 in government liens because she didn’t pay her unemployment insurance. Same year 2018- she bought a house for $555,000 & her 4 kids go to private school🤔

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So it has been confirmed, Lauren BOEBERT gave a Capitol TOUR on the day before the ATTACK ON THE CAPITOL.

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