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@JRubinBlogger Thank you Madame Pelosi for standing your ground. Do not let the traitors off!! Prosecute the treason team and convict treason trump.


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@AdoptSeniorDogs @laurenboebert @RepBoebert Crooked is as crooked does.

Lauren Boerbert sounds like a career criminal. Is that the best Colorado could do?
#RemoveTheTraitors #ArrestThemAllNow #Treason #LaurenBoebert

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@mikepompeo You went to Harvard ffs how can you possibly still be peddling this bs?! #arrestpompeo #TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump #ArrestThemAllNow

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@JohnCornyn @AlanDersh @WSJ Screw you! Trump committed Treason and is guilty of sedition. GOP can’t just sweep it under the rug! Accountable first then unity. #ArrestThemAllNow

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@kayleighmcenany Here's a special message for all the crying❄️ #ArrestThemAllNow we will never forget the date of January Sixth Wednesday Twenty Twenty-one will on in INFAMY. We will not falter towards defending our great beautiful Nation's Freedoms from your lies and ❄️ Tyranny of Terrorism.

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@tedcruz @SteveScalise @BrianKempGA @SenRickScott @marcorubio @LeaderMcConnell minority add Minority to that
@Jim_Jordan gym
@SecPompeo resign


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@CNN @LoonAuntie Every GOP who supported and enabled this insurrection should be REMOVED FROM OFFICE IMMEDIATELY. #ArrestTrump #ArrestCruz #ArrestHawley #NoQuarterGiven #NoDealsForTrump #nodealsfortraitors #nodealsforaccomplices #crimesagainsthumanity #ArrestThemAllNow

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@laurenboebert doesn’t have a death wish, she has a prison wish. Keep tweeting stupid stuff, 6-draw, and you’ll get your wish. #ArrestThemAllNow

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HOT Damn!!!!

One fell swoop!!!

Outta here!!!


No wonder bbn theyvwere crying they cant steal.any more money

#DontheCON embarrassment to our country

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@meekwire @ABC @sanzscript COULD be facing charges?!? WTF? He's on tape admitting guilt.

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45 can't pardon them now, so arrest and charge every single lunatic terrorist that defiled our Capitol!

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Talking kak since 1986 🖕🏼 #JoeBiden #GTFO #GFY #ArrestThemAllNow

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Accountability Coming 💪🇺🇸
#ArrestTrump #ArrestThemAllNow

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@laurenboebert Elections have consequences, trash. Give any yours lately? #traitor #ArrestThemAllNow #resign

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@DonaldJTrumpJr You're going to jail.
And you'll be somebody's bitch there.
Just wait for it.

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@DonaldJTrumpJr The start of a be decade. The beginning of the end of Trump’s era of American Carnage. #ArrestThemAllNow

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@MeidasTouch Hahahaha 😆🙃🙂😃😂😀😃😁😅🤣🤣😉😉🙃🙃🙂😂😁😁😂😃😄

Are they crying because they're all going to jail for being criminals

Or because they got caught?



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Thanks y'all for calling out antifa and the crazy libs! RIOTS happening for 'racial justice' SMH.

The hypocrisy is nauseating.


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Senator Josh Hawley is blocking the Department of Homeland Security Director confirmation.

Why is he against Homeland Security?

Is it because of his participation in Domestic Terrorism?

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Exactly! We need justice! #ArrestThemAllNow @JoeBiden @VP @POTUS

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Republicans Accused of Giving Capitol Tours to Rioters - The New York Times () #Louiegohmert #JIMJordan #MatGaetz #LaurenBoebert #MarjorieTaylorGreen #ArrestThemAllNow @HouseGOP #Capitol #TraitorsToDemocracy

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@kylenabecker @TimRunsHisMouth @tomselliott @JohnBrennan Every single person who entered the Capital is a terrorist, a traitor, and deserves that fate. Period. I wish them all luck in court and prison. #MAGAMorons #ArrestThemAllNow

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Both the Flynn brothers must face treason charges and be dishonorably discharged.

All that lied and said Flynn was not on call should face same charges!
# #TrumpTreason #CapitolRiot
#ConvictTrump #ArrestThemAllNow

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Everyone needs to understand right now that they’ve learned nothing and will do it all again as soon as they get the chance.

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Trump, still facing trial in the Senate, turned down House seditionists requests, after meeting with their legal advisers. Generally, only the admittedly guilty, seek clemency #sedition

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Hey Joe, jou moer man. @JoeBiden

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Hi @laurenboebert. You are in a whole lot of trouble.

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*Jorden Mink, a Pennsylvania man who was photographed shattering Capitol window with a bat, has been charged in riot.
*He also was seen removing property from Capitol.
*Faces multiple charges, incl. destruction of gov’t property, theft & violent entry.

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From mourning to morning.

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If Biden wants Congress to work with him, he should work with Congress instead of signing 15 executive orders and 2 executive actions to circumvent us.

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@chipfranklin @JoeBiden WoW 😮 Trump’s Government had no plan to defeat the virus. What was he doing? Was he trying to kill Americans? The lives of the Americans need to have justice! Anyone knowingly killing people is a crime and that’s exactly what Trump and his Government was doing!

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JUST IN: Washington Post reports that Michael Flynn's brother, Gen. Charles Flynn, was on the Pentagon call with Capitol Police that resisted their emergency pleas for calling in the National Guard during the Capitol attack. The Army previously denied that Flynn was on the call.

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The Army falsely denied for days that Lt. Gen. Charles A. Flynn, the brother of disgraced former national security adviser Michael Flynn, was involved in a key meeting during its heavily scrutinized response to the deadly assault on the U.S. Capitol.

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Stephen Miller no longer works at the White House.
Jared Kushner no longer works at the White House.
Mark Meadows no longer works at the White House.
Peter Navarro no longer works at the White House.

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