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@J_that_is @newtampachris @wtfarethemets @aubrey_huff @JoeBiden Because Of Biden. I’m gonna Ban Fracking. I’m going to kill the pipeline.
I’m gonna kill jobs. Come on, man.
#BuildBackBetter my ass.

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Trump’s abdication of the Presidency was a relief from his antics but has created a serious feeling of urgency with President Biden laying out everything that was let go while Trump played golf. #BuildBackBetter

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What's with @LeaderMcConnell not wanting to work with any of @POTUS agenda?
Our country will never be unified with that attitude.
45 f***ed up, McConnell acknowledged it, but wants to block any or all corrective action(s)? SO sick of him & his old south ilk.

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1. Extended eviction moratorium
2. increased support for small business
3. Increased SNAP benefits
4. Paused student loan debt
5. Increase food support for school children
Thank you for your swift action, @POTUS #buildbackbetter 🇺🇸

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Al final, #DonaldTrump no destruyó el sistema político #estadounidense. Mostró al mundo lo corrupto, antidemocrático y reaccionario que ya era. #Venezuela y #Cuba sin #sanciones ni #Bloqueo

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When we hear someone claim they are Alpha or dominant we cringe knowing 1 of 2 things will happen-their ideas&efforts must be used or, they will steal better ideas &claim they see theirs&then oppress the source to get rid of the evidence of their theft. #BuildBackBetter #WLM #BLM

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Hey #fossilfuel Ad agency folks. YOUR children are watching you & all our kids future At stake. Time to come clean, to honor the earth & build a future of hope. Join us as we #BuildBackFossilFree & #BuildBackBetter #FridaysForFuture

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@marcorubio Getting the Corona Virus under control and getting Americans back on their feet is not something the GOP supports? How is that RaDIcAL? GOP lies and fear mongering must stop. #BuildBackBetter is not radical. #StopTheBigLies #TruthMatters

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ALL individuals involved in caring for, repairing & rebuilding our Country are the 'true patriots' of today. Americans will #BuildBackBetter

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Back in The #ParisAgreement, rejoined @WHO. We’re supporting #COVAX to vaccinate the world and @USChamber just changed their position on #climate to support #climateactionnow and #americanleadership on climate. This is #Day2 of #BidenHarris #BuildBackBetter

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@POTUS America we are back and #BuildBackBetter is rolling!
Thank you Mr President!

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@kai_newkirk @ErikaAndiola @kyrstensinema @Progress_AZ @RepresentMeAZ @Alyssa_Milano @BWestbrookAZ8 @AJentleson @PiperPerabo @SunriseTempe @evanlweber @ryangrim @SenSchumer @SenateDems @SenCortezMasto @SenJackyRosen @Sen_JoeManchin @kyrstensinema - DEMS must UNITE & #KillTheJimCrowFilibuster! 81+ MILLION AMERICANS VOTED FOR MANDATE to #BuildBackBetter #ForThePeople & McConnell is filibustering DEM leadership! STAND UNITED DEMS & FIGHT4US

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Hardworking Americans need help and they need it now. That's why today, I took action to provide relief to those who are struggling across the country.

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what part of the #BuildBackBetter is for American workers? He signed an exec order while killing American jobs while he has a bust of Cesar Chavez in the Oval Office. Fires black surgeon gen as he preaches his love for minorities with a MLK bust staring at him. #brainwashed

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You love to see it. ⁦@RepKathleenRice⁩ says designating new offshore wind energy areas in the NY bight is a priority for her in ⁦@EnergyCommerce⁩. This is how we #buildbackbetter, address the climate crisis & create good #union jobs 💪🏾 ⁦

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It's easy to Yearn for change when you leave this COUNTRY (NIGERIA).
#America #BuildBackBetter #Nigeria #AkwaabaEricaNlewedim

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It's not in Our Constitution. There are no deals outlined in Our Constitution.
Big Pharma, For Profit Insurance and Gun Manufacturers along with @LeaderMcConnell have had control over our lives for much too long. #KillTheFilibuster

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@FLOTUS @whitmanwalker @CancerSupportHQ @FLOTUS is already hard at work. She & @POTUS truly care about U.S. Together they will #BuildBackBetter

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Things got so bad that we (Americans, our reputable media, etc.) referred to OUR @TheJusticeDept as "Trump's" (possessive) Justice Dept.

We may not appreciate, until the movie comes out, just how "on the brink" we really were.... So thankful for a new day. #BuildBackBetter

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You know, can we all take a moment including @JoeBiden and pray for these families. They are going to be struggling in their pursuit of happiness.

#BuildBackBetter (ask those families)
#46thPresident #NeverVoteGOP

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#PresidentBiden's nominee for Transportation secretary, #PeteButtigieg: The Dep't for Transportation can play a central role in enabling 🇺🇸 to #BuildBackBetter [...] by revitalising communities that have been left behind.

Transport is also integral to the 🇬🇧 #LevellingUp agenda

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@mancier It’s notorious for flooding - incredible given it’s only been open just over two years - but not generally this bad. Think we need to #fixitfirst before we worry about #BuildBackBetter

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#BuildBackBetter we should leave no stone unturned to capitalise on the insights gained in this pandemic - for all of society.

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@WajahatAli @SenSchumer @SenateDems @SenCortezMasto @SenJackyRosen @Sen_JoeManchin @SenFeinstein - DEMS must UNITE & #KillTheJimCrowFilibuster! 81+ MILLION AMERICANS VOTED FOR MANDATE to #BuildBackBetter #ForThePeople & McConnell is filibustering DEM leadership! STAND UNITED DEMS & FIGHT4US

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When Trumps financial world starts collapsing and he starts losing all his properties. I pray that @Kaepernick7 will buy one or more and put his name on it! #colinkaepernick #BuildBackBetter

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Can this be made in this COUNTRY @POTUS @VP @PeteButtigieg #BuildBackBetter

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You can’t change your past, but you can certainly control your future. #BuildBackBetter

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@JonMurray Hopefully we'll see some federal funding for projects like this and front range rail under @PeteButtigieg leadership


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@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris

Thanks for killing off more businesses. This should be a state by state. #BuildBackBetter

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Windows are still being replaced. Doors are being repaired. And Republicans want to pretend the insurrection never happened. We know who the real patriots are.

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Biden’s plan to raise minimum wage will kill around 1M jobs - #OANN

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I know times are tough, but help is on the way.

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Empathy is back.

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Biden reversed Trump's Executive Order to reduce pricing for insulin and epinephrine.

Democrats want higher insulin prices?

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I believe Joe Biden set a record for most jobs killed in 1 day by the action of US President.

Feel free to fact check me.

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@rhonda_mangus Those are the mantras of globalist:

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While we’re battling Covid, we’re also working to #BuildBackBetter. Empowering local authorities to deliver high quality walking and cycling networks across the country is good for our health, our environment, and our sense of community. #MakeTheSwitch

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New Podcast: @BetoORourke on the enduring legacy of Colin Kaepernick

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We have a real chance to deliver for the American people—to build our economy back, better than ever, and the @USDOT can play a central role in this.

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“If you require 60 votes in the Senate—which is nowhere in the Constitution—that’s basically giving veto power to big pharmaceutical companies, to the insurance industry, to gun manufacturers.” - @JulianCastro

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It’s time to come clean.

This video featuring:

is now running as an ad targeting the employees of major fossil-linked ad and PR agencies.

Watch, and share to help us keep growing:

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