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Learn more about global investments in #CervicalCancer prevention from colleagues at @UNITAID and @gavi.

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World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that if #cervicalcancer situation does not change, deaths from the disease will rise by almost 50 percent by year 2040.


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@irwinmitchell They only test for HPV here in Wales, smears for cells are no longer done as routine. #CervicalCancer #CervicalCancerPreventionWeek #cervicalsmears #women #UK

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To mark #WorldCancerDay, 8 year olds, Nina and Anusha, asked leaders around the world why they should care about #cervicalcancer elimination. Hear what they had to say.


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As we observe #CervicalCancerAwarenessMonth in January, join our experts from Miami Cancer Institute and Eugene M. & Christine E. Lynn Cancer Institute for a LIVE discussion on FB. We will be talking about cervical cancer, pap smears, and the HPV vaccine. #CervicalCancer

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It’s #CervicalCancer Awareness Month. Did you know all women are at risk for cervical cancer? Learn more here:


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Reducing the cost of #CervicalCancer screening and treatment can ensure more women are protected. Learn how @Unitaid is targeting investments to bring screening costs to <$1 per person. #CxCaAwareness

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January is #CervicalHealthMonth. ReachMD program with medical expert Dr. Lee Shulman presents updates about advances in #cervicalcancer prevention,highlighting recently FDA-approved biomarker cytology test for #HPV(+) patients.

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Check out this factsheet from the American
Cancer Society about #CervicalCancer and its
risk factors, prevention, and treatment:

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Cervical cancer kills around 850 women in the UK every year, that's more than 2 every day (2015-2017). In females in the UK, cervical cancer is the 19th most common cause of cancer death. (Cancer Research UK)

Check out my Instagram video:

Dr Nabilah 💙

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#Cervicalcancer is 100% preventable & for the 1st time ever the world has committed to eliminate a #cancer. ESMO supports the @WHO Resolution to Accelerate the Elimination of Cervical Cancer. Will you also do your part?
#ESMOSupportsWCD @BanerjeeSusana

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Vaccination against HPV helps protect:


From #CervicalCancer. Cervical cancer is preventable & treatable.

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It's #CervicalCancer Awareness Month and this thread by @WHO includes some very precious and useful information 👇

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Cervical Cancer Prevention Week takes place in the last week of January as part of the worldwide campaign to fight cervical cancer. According to @EPF_SRR, Belarus is one of the worst performing countries and need to do more to put an end to preventable deaths #CervicalCancer

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It is #cervicalcancerawareness month.

#Cervicalcancer can be prevented and treated if detected early.

Vaccines can help prevent cancer.


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Thinking of @PhelanVicky starting her clinical trial in Maryland today #vickyphelan #CervicalCancer #postiveaffirmations #robbizeck

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Cervical cancer charity calls for action on at-home testing during pandemic #cervicalcancer

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Join @WHO @DrNonoSimelela for the #TealTalk Twitter Chat for #CervicalCancer Awareness Month on 19 January at 11 AM CET. Save the date to join us

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Dr. Stephanie Wethington stresses the importance of gynecological screenings during cervical cancer awareness month @DrMomOnc @hopkinskimmel @HopkinsMedNews #CervicalCancer #MedTwitter #CervicalCancerAwarenessMonth #GYNcancer

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The most important thing you can do to help prevent #cervicalcancer is to have regular screening tests starting at age 21. Call us! 513-318-1188 #CervicalAwarenessMonth

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In the lead up to #WorldCancerDay, children are asking global health leaders about #cervicalcancer elimination. What does it actually mean? That’s what 9 year old Bwalya from Zambia wanted to know. #AskAboutHPV

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👉Ιανουάριος: Μήνας Ευαισθητοποίησης για τον Καρκίνο Τραχήλου της Μήτρας
👉Είναι ο δεύτερος συχνότερος καρκίνος σε γυναίκες ηλικίας 15-44 ετών


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@theteapixie Bonjour, the unroll you asked for: It's #CervicalCancer Awareness Month! Cervical cancer could be the first cancer EVER in the world to be eliminated, if… Share this if you think it's interesting. 🤖

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The Bashkan of #Gagauzia, @VlahIrina, emphasized her commitment to the #CervicalCancer prevention campaign, reaching out to all women - mothers, daughters, sisters - including those Russian speaking, w/ essential info about cervical screening services! Together we save lives! 🙏

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How We Can Prevent #CervicalCancer Through Fundraising & Awareness

Check out our recent Blog post ▶️

#SmearTests #CervicalCancerAwareness

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No woman 🙅 should die from #CervicalCancer.

Through the elimination initiative, WHO is aiming for 70% women to be screened by 2030.

Together, we can end cervical cancer once and for all.

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Market invasion at the Ashaiman Market with the Greater Accra Directorate


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At-home #HPV testing for #cervicalcancer screening could help many patients who have missed their cervical screening during lockdown. Interesting read from @ProfWishart on the potential to cut NHS backlogs with at home tests. @Check4Cancer

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Are you worried about having a Smear Test?

Listen to Cara`s experience...

#SmearTest #CervicalCancer

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#CervicalCancer can be prevented❗

Happy to continue with our public actions even this year

Together with Min. of Health, Institute for Public Health& @IFMSASerbia we spoke to women at green markets about importance of preventive measures.


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Kanker servik disebabkan infeksi Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) sehingga baiknya anak perempuan usia 9 th dan 13 th diberikan vaksin HPV untuk mencegah perkembangan kanker serviks.

#VIRUSHPV #CervicalCancer #cervicalscreening #CervicalCancerAwareness #CervicalCancerPrevention

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#RadioDoctor on Women Radio 91.7 by 10am
Join our conversation on "Cervical Cancer: Causes, Symptoms and Survival Rate"

with @bukky__b
Call in Live: 0700 091 7917


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The month of January signifies a new beginning and a fresh start. It is also observed as the #Cervical #CancerAwarenessMonth. Screening Tests for #CervicalCancer: Who Should Get it and When? Read more :-
#cancertreatment #cancerpatients #Hyderabad #cancer

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It's #CervicalCancer Awareness Month!

Cervical cancer could be the first cancer EVER in the world to be eliminated, if

9⃣0⃣% of girls are vaccinated
7⃣0⃣% of women are screened
9⃣0⃣% of women with cervical disease receive treatment

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