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@gailendavid @laurenboebert @RepBoebert #Glockzilla you really need to hire communications staff if you can find anyone who wants to work for a #Traitor #DomesticTerrorist. Nice #Rapsheet fit right in with #ComplicitCorruptGOP @GOP & their pretend love of America 🇺🇸 & the Constitution

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@MSNBC @TheDemocrats leadership humanity wants to make sure you understand that justice & accountability = the start of healing & unity. The #ComplicitCorruptGOP are our assailants not just a difference of opinion

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@LeaderMcConnell no thanks to #ComplicitCorruptGOP
justice will prevail, bub.
u are minority ldr now

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From @ThePlumLineGS: Fake GOP rage over Biden’s ‘unity’ speech is a sucker’s game

"Biden may or may not succeed in securing 'unity.' But Republicans don’t get to unilaterally dictate in advance what counts as a true attempt to achieve it."

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@AmerIndependent @owillis We already knew this. @GOPLeader and @LeaderMcConnell are part of the #GOPDeathCult. They won’t be happy until America is vanquished and the parts sold off to the highest bidder. #ComplicitCorruptGOP

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@SenTedCruz If you are this dumb about what The Paris Agreement is, you shouldn’t be in the Senate. If you think playing on the ignorance of some of your supporters, or to dumb down others, leave the Senate. Or for your treason. That is the best reason. #ComplicitCorruptGOP

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Listening to @GOPLeader after he deceived Americans for 4 years, being the sycophantic toady for @POTUS is the wrong policy at the wrong time. @GOP @HouseGOP are #ComplicitCorruptGOP #kevinmccarthyresign

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Cruz needs to be investigated for his support of the insurrection.
#CapitolRiot #GOPBetrayedAmerica #ComplicitCorruptGOP #DomesticTerrorists #GOPComplicitTraitors #TrumpLiedPeopleDied

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@SenRonJohnson Nope. We are far more concerned about addressing the lies & propaganda which led to this! #ComplicitCorruptGOP #Complicit

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And ALL the other #ComplicitCorruptGOP that helped to attack the Capitol 🤬

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Trump is the worst offender! Hold him accountable! Stop enabling the #ComplicitCorruptGOP !🤬

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@brianbeutler @JuddApatow Never forget their role in this! #ComplicitCorruptGOP

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If you intend to hold everyone accountable, that needs to include failed former pres trump!🤬He's the reason for the insurrection! Do the right thing! Stop being part of the #ComplicitCorruptGOP !🤬

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@DanKEberhart And yet similar to #DearLeader, President Biden can preach whatever he wants with impunity if we are to follow the guidance the @GOP has provided us for the last 4 years. You guys wanted us to learn shitty politics, right? Remember the #ComplicitCorruptGOP era?

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Trump created the problems, not the D's! Shame on you and your #ComplicitCorruptGOP for NOT holding Trump accountable 🤬 It's not too late to do the right thing!

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Trump is the reason Officer Liebengood is DEAD! He's the reason all 6 people were lost! Hold trump accountable! Stop being part of the #ComplicitCorruptGOP 🤬

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And, yet YOU are continuing to divide the country by NOT supporting the LEGAL election of Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!!! You can't have it both ways! Make a damn decision to do the right thing for America! Stop being part of the #ComplicitCorruptGOP 🤬

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Then you and all members of Congress need to hold every #ComplicitCorruptGOP accountable for their part in the failed trump insurrection! Otherwise, YOU are one of the #ComplicitCorruptGOP 🤬

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We live in unprecedented times, @JohnCornyn: sedition, the #BigLie, pandemics. Lots of norms ignored and broken by the #CorruptGOP. A 'bad idea'? Sounds similar to #ComplicitCorruptGOP calls for 'unity' (immunity). How about some accountability.

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These people would know ... you know they're the drivers of this economy unlike the #ComplicitCorruptGOP

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@RepRickCrawford Stop with the divisive rhetoric. You spread lies & propaganda. You did nothing to stop the spread of the virus or the spread of disinformation & hate. Enough! #GOPComplicitTraitors #ComplicitCorruptGOP

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@JohnCornyn Allowing a seditious POTUS to walk w/o impeachment trial w/b the dumbest precedent ever set. GOP "lawmaker" advocating for lawlessness &skipping accountability. #Tsk Maybe you should #RESIGN. Sure sounds as though you don't have the stomach for rule of law. #ComplicitCorruptGOP

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@SenTomCotton @ChrisCoons @SenatorCollins @JoeBiden Your obstructionist politics, lies and propaganda do not serve the people. Your role in this will never be forgotten... #GOPComplicitTraitors #ComplicitCorruptGOP

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She risked it all to warn us about #collusion. We should’ve listened. But the #ComplicitCorruptGOP silenced her by sending her to prison. @JoeBiden can we finally #FreeRealityWinner and recognize her effort to save America??

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@davidsirota So this matters to you NOW? NOW after 4 years of grifters robbing the government and lining their pockets in the T**** administration? NOW? REALLY? Where were you then?

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@bfishbfish And bottom line, there never was a plan to begin with. If 45 had been re-elected his plan was to just let all of us die. #ComplicitCorruptGOP

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.@JohnCornyn calls Trump #impeachment trial ‘bad idea,’ warning of precedent for future ex-presidents

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Day 16 and the #treasonweasels listed below still have not resigned. #ComplicitCorruptGOP

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@RepCarlos @RepBethVanDuyne @RepCawthorn @RepYoungKim @RepBice @RepAshleyHinson @RepMalliotakis @RepBurgessOwens @RepGarbarino @RepHerrell @RepFranklin Watching your interview now... Acknowledge your involvement and be accountable! YOU ARE #ComplicitCorruptGOP #Complicit

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Comey: 'Republican Party has to be burned to the ground' #GOP #GOPinfiltration #ComplicitCorruptGOP

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That didn't go well for the Texas senator. via @HuffPostPol

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Remove Ted Cruz.
Remove Josh Hawley.
Remove Kevin McCarthy.

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The Biden plan to offer citizenship to more than 11 million illegal immigrants who have—for years—knowingly broken our laws is 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝗽𝗼𝗹𝗶𝗰𝘆 𝗮𝘁 𝘁𝗵𝗲 𝘄𝗿𝗼𝗻𝗴 𝘁𝗶𝗺𝗲.

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Business Roundtable welcomes @POTUS commitment to pursue comprehensive immigration reform. Full statement from @tim_cook, BRT Immigration Committee Chair:

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The United States remains exceptional. And right now the eyes of the world are upon us. We must seize this opportunity to heal and grow stronger.

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This is the second time in three years I have seen political violence firsthand. Republicans and Democrats alike must have the moral clarity to call out violent rhetoric whenever it's spoken, not just when it’s politically convenient.

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For nearly 16 years, Capitol Police Officer Howard Liebengood honorably carried out his duty of protecting the halls of Congress.

Judy and I are praying for Howard’s family and the entire Capitol Hill community as we grieve the loss of a great man.

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Impeaching the President with just 12 days left will only divide our country more. I've reached out to President-elect Biden today & plan to speak to him about how we must work together to lower the temperature & unite the country to solve America’s challenges.

My full statement

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As the violent mob descended on the Capitol, Officer Brian Sicknick was valiantly protecting more than the building and the people inside—he was protecting Americans’ way of life.

Congress will provide the full resources to bring perpetrators of Wednesday’s attack to justice.

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From today forward @hawleymo, @SenTedCruz , @SenHydeSmith, @SenatorMarshall , @TTuberville, @SenJohnKennedy are officially traitors and unworthy of the trust of their office.

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Our democracy cannot be disrupted by criminal behavior. We will not falter. We will not bend. We will not shrink from our duty.

Mobs don’t rule America—laws do.

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You know who seems to have done more to save our country from Trump than James Comey and Bob Mueller combined? Reality Winner. #ThankYouRealityWinner #FreeRealityWinner


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