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@CCLcaribecrew @SenateGOP #CONVICTtRump! He SET OUT to wreak havoc just by running! He NEVER BELIEVED he won. He repeated the #LIE until others BELIEVED it! #CapitolRiots #ImpeachmentTrial #ImpeachmentSalvaVidas

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@espiers Treason!; exactly; we need to try Cruz, Hawley, and Trump for treason, and we should not take the death penalty off the table; 5 year minimum prison sentence!; now, that’s justice— #convictTRUMP #convictHAWLEY #convictCRUZ #TRAITOR

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@SenatorRomney much respect for you and your stance for Democracy over Party when the country needed you. Are you can considering a 3rd party for Republicans that are done with the Trumpers lies and treason like me?

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FYI @marcorubio ... if #TraitorTrump is not held accountable we will be marching ANGRY. The #Resistance is here to stay until we rid democracy until all of you #GOPSeditiousTraitors #GOPComplicitTraitors are in jail or in obscurity.


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Marco if you can’t do your JOB #Resign #MarcoRubio if ever a president needed to be convicted it’s trump! #ConvictTrump what is wrong with your republicans? You are behaving like thugs! @marcorubio

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@newtgingrich False. Navalny is fighting for free and fair elections. tRump incited an insurrection to overthrow a free and fair election. #ConvictTrump

If you need the number, Capitol Switchboard (202) 224-3121. I'm sure your Senators would want to know you want tRump convicted.

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Today is Day #5 in the administration of President #JoeBiden & VP #KamalaHarris May God bless them both and may God bless America #hope #JoeBiden #KamalaHarris #ConvictTrump #ImpeachKavanugh

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@essenviews @TXFartingsworth Please make make sense. #TedCruzIsATraitor #TedCoup #TedCruzResign #corruptGOP #History #GOPSeditiousTraitors #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy #ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump #ConvictTrump

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Senators will serve as jurors in Trump’s #impeachment trial. It is ILLEGAL (and certainly impeachable) for defendant Trump to threaten, extort, or otherwise try to pressure how,they vote.🤬


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@GOPLeader When are you going to denounce everyone who told the Big Lie? Have you admitted that it was a free and fair election and tRUmp incited the insurrection? #ConvictTrump

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@realTuckFrumper You can’t possibly downgrade 45s legacy.


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I hope that 45's behavior has clearly shown his intent. He didn't care if anyone at the Capitol was hurt or worse, in his quest for power.


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@atrupar What will enrage the country is if there is no accountability for inciting a violent insurrection against the U.S. Government. If there is not , our laws have no meaning , and that should concern all right or left. #convicttrump #AccountabilityNow

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One of our lawmakers said we should not convict Trump because he is no longer the President. He is former president.
If I drink and drive, hit someone and kill them. Then I sober up. My defense: "I am sober now, I am a former drunk driver"?
Should the senate #ConvictTrump ?

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@SenateGOP @LeaderMcConnell The majority of Americans want the Senate to #ConvictTrump . His role couldn’t be clearer. We must convict and send a message to the world: The USA is not an autocracy. We are a Democracy. #CapitolRiots #WhiteSupremacy

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Because @LeaderMcConnell chose Trump over party & USA you've lost the @WhiteHouse @HouseDemocrats have the House and @SenateDems have the Senate! Do ur job & get the votes to #ConvictTrump & maybe we @TheDemocrats will work with you. @RandPaul needs to be #Censured #Removed

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... #Republican senators shirk their constitutional oath, vote not to #ConvictTrump, he runs in 2024, and win or lose he coordinates a more full-fledged & better organized assault by followers, finally overturning #democracy to soothe his angry ego? Would they be ashamed then?

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I did not hear any Republicans calling for unity when 45 was President. The 75 million of them who voted to re-elect him did not have unity on their minds. White supremacy is the opposite of unity. I want unity against Republican divisiveness. #Fresh #ConvictTrump

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Justice Department lawyer Jeffrey Clark nearly convinced then-President Trump to remove then-acting Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and use the Department of Justice to undo Georgia's election results, The New York Times reported.

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@marcorubio What is the worst crime potus can commit? Attacking your own Country? That's ok with you? I live in FL, I don't think you'll run again because ur a spineless coward, but if u do I will make sure u r not re-elected. U r a fucking joke! If u don't vote to #ConvictTrump

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This is the face of the current Republican Party. They support Trump's racists policies. They lie to working class Americans while playing on their cultural fears.

There are 20 Senate Republicans to defeat in #Midterms2022.

Job 1 must be to #RetireRubio

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@SimonJester007 @jamonthebottom @HLStockenstrom @StopTheShitnado @akatinydancer1 @DavidUSASutton @misskristinruth @Robthefrosty @IsaNahilaS @Enough_Is_Enuf_ @LexiSkyeWalker @cocozl2 @rzoecpkhy @katibug817 @Sexy_kittykat13 @ladyred1956 @saavus_ Tyvm Simon . It’s going to be a sunny day. Very much needed.
I’m on team #ConvictTrump

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How much would the DOJ be concerned about swamping the courts if the Capitol rioters were black? #trump #CapitolRiots #ConvictTrump #MAGATerrorists

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@marcorubio hmmm sounds like someone who is trying to hold onto his seat. #ConvictTrump #TrumpCoupAttempt #GOPSeditiousTraitors

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@GOPLeader 4 years ago the day after the election @seanspicer came out and lied to the American people about crowd size! That set the tone for the next 4 years of lie after lie after lie! It is every Americans duty to RESIST all the lies. Why didn’t you? #ConvictTrump @FoxNews

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Rubio: Trump impeachment trial is "stupid"

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History trying desperately to warn us that you prosecute #insurrectionists and #Seditionists (and #Putschists)
#ConvictAndDisqualifyTrump #ConvictTrump 👇👇👇👇

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@newtgingrich No one is above the law. NO. ONE. IS. ABOVE. THE. LAW.

You know how this could have been avoided? The president could have followed the law. He shouldn’t have incited sedition & bloody insurrection.

You know what else would help? TRUTH. FACTS. DECENCY.


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Like the Trump Insurrection, Hitler’s “Beer Hall Putsch” of 1923 was a failure. Hitler slunk out of town & was later arrested. But after a lenient punishment, he emerged as a more popular national figure. Within a decade, he would install the Third Reich.

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@JohnCornyn Here is your evidence

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In last 24 hours, after floating through a few folks that he was considering creating a third-party as a way to keep Senate Rs in line ahead of impeachment, Trump has been talked out of that and is making clear to people he isn't pursuing it, per ppl familiar w his thinking.

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Every federal court decision, every Trump-appointed judge who ruled, every Trump-appointed Supreme Court justice ruled in a way that proves Rand Paul is lying. This is not about ideology; this is about Truth.

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Just heard a historian say if this senate doesnt convict trump, such an action will not only insure trump remains viable but worse, it will invite other "trumps". As they will be endorsing autocratic tendencies in our leaders, that a potus can abuse power 100%. Democracy at stake

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If this doesn’t convince the Senate to convict, nothing will. This silent coup attempt was the precursor to the January 6 violent coup attempt. And the only place Mr. Clark should ever be allowed to practice law again is inside a federal prison.

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The Senate must convict Donald Trump and defend our democracy.

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