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If a marriage can be annulled years after a divorce, a traitorous fake president can be convicted of impeachment after his first and only failed term, especially if it prevents him from ever holding office again.

#ConvictAndRemoveTrump #ConvictTrumpNow #ConvictTrump

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Can we get 1,000 fast replies with #RemoveTheTraitors to help push it to #1?

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Dear #america,
So how’s that #2ndAmendment working out for you?
Just wondering.
Your friend from the North.
#AmericaOrTrump #nra #Impeachment2 #ConvictTrumpNow #GOPTraitorsToDemocracy #ConvictTrump #ImpeachTrump #BoebertIsATraitor #ImpeachmentDay #DomesticTerrorism #guns

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I don’t care if they are documented or not -EVERYONE- should be eligible for this shot - at NO COST TO ANYONE

Fact Check: Are Undocumented Immigrants Ineligible For COVID-19 Vaccine? - Newsweek

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Originally 1/3/17
Session #17.
Everything Trump says and does is a lie.
@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris #ConvictTrumpNow

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@IvankaTrump Attempted coup, 400,000 deaths, record deficit, record unemployment, failing economy, two impeachments- SO MUCH WINNING #ConvictTrumpNow

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Session #17.
Everything Trump says and does is a lie.
@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris #ConvictTrumpNow

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@SenatorLankford i guess #Oklahoma has as many Black people as Georgia does now huh? You're disgraceful. Either #ConvictTrump #ConvictAndRemove #ConvictTrumpNow #ConvictRemoveDisqualify or step-down because you knew you were being racist.

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The incompetence is worse than the grift in the outgoing administration.


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Pelosi said there may be a need to prosecute members of Congress who aided rioters in the raid — showcasing an extraordinary degree of distrust within America's legislative branch. #ConvictTrumpNow

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Fix what you failed to do last time. 300000+ dead because you didn’t #ConvictTrump .

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No loyal American will ever shop at a retail outlet that carries MyPillow, the official pillow of the insurrection. List them here and BOYCOTT. Retweet.

Trump ally Mike Lindell of MyPillow pushes martial law at White House

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Sounds like incitement of insurrection to me. But you be the judge.

RT if you agree.


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@BeschlossDC .@VP @Mike_Pence @senatemajldr @McConnellPress @SenateGOP @SenSchumer We must act now to remove Trump. He's not "learning lessons". He's growing desperate and erratic.


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Opinion | A former president Trump won’t ‘need to know.’ Cut off his intelligence. : ABSOLUTELY ! #ArrestTrump #ConvictTrumpNow

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Lindell was a Stop the Steal sponsor, a Jan. 6 inciter, and a truther (“it was antifa”). Trump’s meeting with him is a reminder that Senate Republicans need to join in convicting Trump—for a bipartisan repudiation of his dangerous conspiracy mongering.

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@KansasGrant Went to Church of my own volition ⛪️


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@Acosta Does ANYONE really trust seditionist @realMikeLindell?
His notes did in fact speak of #MartialLaw.
@TheJusticeDept and @FBI should look into it.
Especially NOW, "before" all hell breaks loose again.

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McConnell refuses to call the Senate back into session to convict Trump.

Why does one man — who only 1.2 million people voted for — hold absolute power over 330 million people?

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🚨Action Alert - Fri 1/15 🚨
Mitch McConnell agreed that Trump committed impeachable offenses. What are they waiting for? Impeach NOW.

We need to keep pressuring Senate Republicans!
Call or email ASAP ⬇️ Contact info and scripts ⬇️

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Session #1490. Devil’s Bargain 100.
There is no therapeutic solution for the amoral con man in the WH.

@JoeBiden @KamalaHarris #ConvictTrumpNow

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The @SenateGOP can wrap themselves in trump's stench or can #ConvictTrumpNow to tell the world America does not negotiate with terrorists or tolerate insurrection from enemies, foreign or domestic. #AmericaOrTrump #TraitorTrump #ImpeachandRemove

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@ChuckGrassley NATIONAL COUNCIL OF CHURCHES demands Trump's Impeachment and Conviction.


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NEWS: Trump weighing a pardon for Steve Bannon via @politico

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This is a terrific, even-handed roadmap to the upcoming impeachment trial of Donald J. Trump for the high Crime and Misdemeanor of incitement to insurrection

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Republicans: The President only has a couple of days left in office. How much damage can he do?

MyPillow Guy: Mr. President, you only have a couple days left in office, here’s a plan on how much damage you can do

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Bed Bath & Beyond has refused to respond to this request to stop selling products from the My Pillow guy who supports sedition. We are hereby calling for a BOYCOTT of Bed Bath & Beyond until it’s addressed. Please write Bed Bath & Beyond that there are consequences for sedition!

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There is an ongoing op.
Remover donald IMMEDIATELY.

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@MyPillowUSA CEO Michael Lindell shows off his notes before going into the West Wing at the White House on Friday, Jan 15, 2021 in Washington, DC.

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“We have GPS coordinates of every cellphone inside or around the Capitol. We may not come for you today or tomorrow, but we’ve coming. We guarantee it.” -@FBI

#JusticeIsComing #Impeachment

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Last night, I received disturbing news, confirmed to me directly by General Perna of Operation Warp Speed: States will not be receiving increased shipments of vaccines from the national stockpile next week, because there is no federal reserve of doses.

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Retweet if you think the Senate must #ConvictTrump

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Hey @BedBathBeyond STOP selling pillows from @MyPillowUSA @realMikeLindell! He supports sedition against the United States and any money from from the sale is blood money. Please provide a corporate response ASAP as we are considering what actions we will be taking.

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