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📰 | | #Crew96 | FotMob reporting Cadden’s transfer fee to Hibs was $883k

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@MLSUKShow Don’t think @poppynic13 would let me say anyone else other than the ‘buzzy bees’ 🐝😂 #Crew96

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Chris Cadden quitte le @Columbuscrew_FR totalement gratuitement pour signer en Écosse du côté de @HibernianFC_FRA !

L'international écossais quitte donc le #crew96 après une saison à seulement 10 matchs.

Columbus garde un % d'une potentielle revente dans le futur.

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Unlike what could've happened to #Crew96, this is a relocation to Texas I'm a fan of. Although, it would be better if this organization would just die.

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Paint the Continent Black and Gold. #Crew96

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@TaylorTwellman @SportsNation @MLS @ESPNAshley @TreavorScales No ones representing the worlds greatest team?...straight sad @ColumbusCrewSC #Crew96 #MLSCupChampions

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The scoreboard 😂

Incase you #Sounders fans need a reminder of the ass beating the #crew96 gave you a lil over a month ago, zoom in on the scoreboard

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@chrissycadds @ColumbusCrewSC Good luck at Hibs, except when you play #aberdeenfc #crew96

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@Lucazelarayan31 year 1 seals the deal for me! Thoughts, #crew96 fans? 👀

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With Cadden gone, #Crew96 officially need another right back. You know what that means? #AnnounceYedlin

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Tune in live for #ThestateofOhioSports with @DrewHagenbaugh!
#NCAA #NCAAB #NCAAF #CFBPlayoff  #CBJ  #Browns  #BeTheFight  #NFL  #NFLPlayoffs #Crew96 

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@ColumbusCrewSC Such an amazing club!! Go Columbus!! 🏆⚽️ #Crew96 #MLS

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Get to take our picture with the cup tomorrow - LJ is pretty excited! #Crew96

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Glory to Columbus🖤💛🙌🏼 #Crew96

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@chrissycadds @ColumbusCrewSC Congratulations and good luck! We’ll miss you! 🖤💛 #CaddsLadds #Crew96

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Here is 2020 MLS Cup as average image and frameline. The frameline would look so much better if #Crew96 wore the banana kits.

Note to directors: Nobody wants to see so many close ups of the referee (light blue lines).

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@MLScardGuy @NSCGuru @NashvilleSC Thought this was the MLS Cup champs, @ColumbusCrewSC at first glance. #massive #Crew96

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#crew96 Let me officially present the douchebag of the year!

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Only one is the greatest team the world has ever seen. #crew96

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One more time flogging this dead horse:

I'm ecstatic that #Crew96 are going to compete for in this tournament again.

The first two times, the team made the quarterfinals. I think that's a good baseline for this iteration...

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Just champion things 🏆👌🏻


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The NRA says it plans to file for bankruptcy and relocate from New York to Texas.

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Average broadcast images from two games.

Camp Nou
81% pitch
Color: green

Yankee Stadium
53% pitch
Color: "flax smoke," according to some site that names hex codes

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Nothing like a Friday spent with #MLSCup 📸


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@MLS @AustinFC I just want anything Anthony Precourt touches to fail. Can't wait to see them come to Columbus and get their stuff wrecked. #crew96

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This was cool to go do today. #Crew96

In hindsight I kind of wish @ColumbusCrewSC had both cups out. Certainly enjoyed getting a pic with this one.

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#crew96 I was downtown today & did a drive buy of the new stadium. It’s obvious this is being built to hold the noise inside the stadium and direct it right to the field. The new #FCCincy stadium doesn’t appear to be built with that in mind and the outer shell isn’t solid.

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@gringacongatos @andrew_wiebe Much like his namesake club. #Crew96

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Columbus Crew midfielder Chris Cadden has officially transferred to Hibernian FC in the Scottish Premiership. #Crew96 #HibernianFC

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Will I ever watch another Crew game here again? 🤔

I love how it’s been stripped of the red !

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@chrissycadds all love thanks for your time in Columbus 🖤💛you’ll always be apart of the #BlackandGold family #ColumbusCrew #Crew96 #CrewNation #GlorytoColumbus

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@chrissycadds Columbus will forever be grateful for your help winning the MLS Cup this season. Godspeed in the Scottish Premiership at Hibernian. #crew96

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Thank you Columbus 🏆 what a city, what a team and all the best for the future 💛🖤 @ColumbusCrewSC

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Oh Chris, we hardly knew ya. #Crew96

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Big news at the end of this tweet. #CREW96

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I’ve been told that finding a backup right back to 34-year-old Harrison Afful is consider one of the priorities by #Crew96 this offseason. Chris Cadden was thought to be a potential successor, but it didn’t work out.

That right back will not be DeAndre Yedlin.

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The field for Scotiabank Concacaf Champions League 2021 is nearly set! Who's raising the 🏆 this year?

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🆕 @chrissycadds is a Hibee!

📝 The @ScotlandNT cap joins us from @ColumbusCrewSC on a two-and-a-half year deal.

🤝 @InStatFootball

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Who is your club's GOAT? 🐐

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@joshcaleb27 @Jevosarot @MLS_Buzz @AustinFC I would have fucked over Columbus too. Who the fuck wants a soccer team in Columbus, Ohio? The Blue Jackets barely stay afloat

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