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How do you honor Hank Aaron by dismissing, neglecting and disrespecting his people?
Statement of President Joe Biden on the Passing of Henry Louis “Hank” Aaron

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Did we get that police reform commission yet?
Biden promises police reform commission, education funding in Kenosha after talking to Jacob Blake

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It’s not violent extremism.
It’s white supremacist terrorism.
Let’s see you do a “tough on crime” policy against white supremacy.
White House Orders Assessment on Violent Extremism in U.S.

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Let me see if I understand this correctly.
They’re critical of the attorney general, but not of the officers who murdered Breonna Taylor?
I’m no fan of this man, but something ain’t right.

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As long as you aren’t making racist sexist n obscene comments like @kansascityu med students your probly fine #blacklivesstillmatter #endwhitesupremacy

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@nataliejohnsonn Oh look a white feminist who has her job over a woman of Color because of her rich dad (who was def racist) and that she is hot. Shocking you work for a racist politician. Shocking


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I dont watch the view directly because of @MeghanMcCain. Shes not a difference of opinion she is a holder upper of white surpremacy. Hire @ananavarro and then ill watch again. #EndWhiteSupremacy #stopplatformingdomesticterrorism

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We must do better. We must make things right. #ReparationsNow #EndWhiteSupremacy

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I always enjoy talking with @eeepee on WOOC FM's "Hudson Mohawk Magazine." We discussed #WhiteSupremacy & the Capitol #CoupAttempt. #EndWhiteSupremacy @smithcaringcirc @markemanatian @MediaSanctuary

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The first line compared to the second line is a great test for your shallowest racist beliefs. Which line is appalling? Which line is heartening and not a stopping place? #DiversityandInclusion #EndWhiteSupremacy

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Underreported. Heads need to roll.

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@InTheNoosphere Of course he did; Hawley has to show his whiteness! #EndWhiteSupremacy

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@VictoriaLBruce Broadly, human rights & survival

Specifically, #M4A #Ed4A #SSI #GND, #LivingWage #childcare #food #H2O #transit #housing #suffrage & safety fr state brutality & habitat collapse as #humanrights for all

#EndWhiteSupremacy #EndWar #ClimateAction

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They're quick to tell you they're not racist but when President Biden declared war on white supremacy they spoke right up didn't they?

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Every day I walk into the hospital thinking, maybe this will be the day I don’t embarrass myself.. I’ll update you all when that day actually happens. Probably after residency I imagine #MedTwitter

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@WSJ sounds like you need to clean up your editorial board. #nomoreracism #EndWhiteSupremacy

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These facts juxtaposed make me actually sick to my stomach. #EndWhiteSupremacy

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#ADOS is OWED a DEBT #RIPHankAaron.

#MLB: #HankAaron achieved greatness in face of racist vitriol.He broke #BabeRuth's home run record. via @Yahoo #Sports-#Basketball #Racism #EndRacism #EndWhiteSupremacy #FixRace #NegroLeague-#AmericanHistory

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History made.

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Can we replace:

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In a sweeping immigration reform bill, President Biden proposes removing the term "alien" from U.S. immigration laws and replacing it with the word "noncitizen."

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Visit Talbot County, our council voted to keep the confederate monument for your enjoyment. . . . . . . . .keeping good company, TC RT @LivingBlueTX: Staying In Your Lane - The Fight Over The Kaufman Confederate Statue #KaufmanCounty #EndWhiteSupremacy

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A petition seeking the impeachment of Kentucky's attorney general was filed Friday by three grand jurors who criticized his handling of an investigation into Breonna Taylor's shooting death by police.

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Staying In Your Lane - The Fight Over The Kaufman Confederate Statue #KaufmanCounty #EndWhiteSupremacy

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Ted Cruz is quoting white supremacist propaganda outlet Breitbart. It's yet another reason to expel Ted Cruz.

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#RadicalLeftistAgenda: working-class power, clean air & water, education for all, living wages, #endwhitesupremacy, peace, equitable global economic devel., right to self-determination for nations/ #endimperialism. If you are cool with this then you can be a #radicalleftist too.

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Hank Aaron has died. As this obituary by Richard Goldstein makes clear, what he endured is a searing lesson about racism in America in our not-so-distant past.

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CW: Racist, graphic language

A look at what Hank Aaron had to overcome when he was on the verge of breaking Babe Ruth's home run record. #RIPHankAaron

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Kalief Browder allegedly stole a backpack at 16, spent 3 yrs at Riker's Island without trial.

Riley Williams stole a laptop from Speaker Pelosi's office and tried selling it the Russians. She was released to her mother

There are two justice systems in America #BlackLivesMatter

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Accountability is not revenge.

Voting to convict is not revenge.

It’s following the law.

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It’s not divisive to call out white supremacy. What’s divisive is to not work to eliminate it.

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I interviewed @TheBarbaraSmith about her newest Op-Ed, "White People Now Realize White Supremacy Is Coming For Them" for 105.3FM @MediaSanctuary Have a listen here:

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WSJ ed board member on Fox saying there can be no unity as long as Democrats keep talking about white supremacists

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