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@Avalanche @AltitudeTV @laurenjbara @RadioMoser @RycroftMark @hoosierjm26 I have missed you all so much!! It's like going to visit your extended family! Wacky, crazy, and so much love between everyone! #GoAvsGo

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Okay, I’m expecting a Nathan MacKinnon redemption tour tonight. The Dogg for #AvsTwitterPsychic #GoAvsGo

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I'm taking Graves. @graves27
Son is taking Donskoi. @JoonasDonskoi27
Husband is taking Nate. @Mackinnon9

Shhh Husband and son are #CofRed #VegasBorn but I'm slowly converting them to us. @Avalanche

#AvsTwitterPsychic #goavsgo

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This little Aussie is ready! Let’s do that hockey thing @Avalanche #GoAvsGo

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Really hope the Avs can pull a win in this game🤞🏻 #goavsgo

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Let's go Mikkooo! Make my night big moose! #GoAvsGo 🤑🤑

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Mikko the Moose scores the first good hockey goal for the @Avalanche tonight! Let’s #GoAvsGo #AvsTwitterPsychic

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Big game for the Avs tonight let's some some energy throughout the lineup #GoAvsGo

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TONIGHT your #Avs are seeking some revenge from game one as the top line is reunited!

@Avalanche vs @StLouisBlues radio schedule:

NOW - Berto’s Pregame
7pm - Puckdrop with @ConorMcGahey
10pm - Between the Pipes with @RajOnRadio & @MarkAMark

#GoAvsGo  #stlblues

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I am un-frazzled. Ready for hockey. #GoAvsGo

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@AvsPodcast @43_Kadri will score the first good goal for the Avalanche from Colorado in tonight’s hockey matchup against the dirty dirty Blues from St. Louis. #GoAvsGo #AvsTwitterPsychic

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Here's Johnny's Wine Cave. 🍷

Join @hoosierjm26, @KyleKeefeTV, and @RycroftMark for a little conversation about opening night's loss to the Blues.


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It’s Friday night.

Long weekend coming up.

Watching some @Avalanche hockey in a bit.


Hope you’re all doing well, friends.


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I'd like to introduce you to the man who will score first tonight. 😀 #AvsTwitterPsychic #GoAvsGo

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The teams are back for another, and so are the refs. #STLBlues #GoAvsGo get Trevor Hanson and Kyle Rehman with Vaughan Rody and Devin Berg:

#STL #COL #STLvsCOL #Blues #Avs

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while every east coast game is on intermission (bc an understanding of time is a plus when working for nhl scheduling, not a requirement)

hello, non hockey people! hockey is back, i guess!

mute these hashtags for your health:


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Avalanche lines #goavsgo

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Im getting excited for tonight's Colorado #Avanlanche game & I'm going with the kid from Pearl Harbour NS; @Mackinnon9 to get the #Avs goal scoring going! Go get the win!👌👍🤙 @AvsPodcast #AvsTwitterPsychic #GoAvsGo

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C + A + A = Top Line


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Game #️⃣2️⃣


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Tonight, @AvsPodcast, I'm going with number 91 Nazem Kadri for my #AvsTwitterPsychic pick. Excited to see the changes to tonight's lineup! #GoAvsGo

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Layla was adopted a week ago and now has her own Avs jersey! She will be cheering on the Avs tonight 🔴🔵 #goavsgo #nhl #AvsTwitterPsychic

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If Mackinnon was playing in the north, he’d put up stupid numbers. I feel like the West has better goaltending and his number won’t be as good as Mcdavid or Draisaitl. Prove me wrong #goavsgo

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We’re about half an hour out from the #GoAvsGo puck drop! Who do you think is going to shine in the second game against the Blues? ⬇️

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#GoAvsGo horse girl no!!!!! 🐎😭

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Hoffman is making his debut tonight for #stlblues as Visa issue has been resolved. Game is at 9 ET against #GoAvsGo.

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Jared Bednar said he's allowed to say now that Erik Johnson was out with COVID. Said he is most likely allowed to be back on Saturday

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