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So you named your failed coup...

.... after a failed coup

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People whom few would suspect due to their status or reputation are said to be above suspicion. This type of confirmation bias sometimes leads to failure to detect spies, moles, or seditionists. Beware of those who claim they should not be examined due to their rep. #GOLDCORP

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Lt. Gen. Charles A. Flynn, the brother of disgraced felon Michael Flynn, has finally admitted he was there during the Jan. 6 phone call where Capitol Police and DC officials begged the Pentagon to send National Guard.

Instead, they waited for four hours.

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Jon Hutson still pushing the false #goldcorp narrative. Beyond cringe.

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@RedDevil1536 Well done. Take $20 out of petty cash. #GOLDCORP

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@DMatwichuk @thefreerifleman Honestly, I was looking for a #GOLDCORP sticker on the helo. 😂

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#GOLDCORP Boogaloo bois and Three Percenters: Who dat knockin' at my door?

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It's a "joke" till it isn't...

Another bigot trying to obfuscate that #goldcorp aka boogloony 2.0 marked the possible locations of 3rd in line of succession before the largest domestic terrorist attack since Oklahoma City...

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@jimlaporta & @AP couod be facing lawsuit for using original works without paying for the data...

Ref #goldcorp

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Thanks for your tips! The #FBI has arrested multiple people in connection with the violence at the U.S. Capitol on January 6. Help us identify more individuals at . If you know someone on these posters, submit a tip at .

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@JimLaPorta So... you gonna do #goldcorp or do you not cover the #DomesticTerrorists in your DMS?

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My conjecture with @MalcolmNance regarding #GOLDCORP
1. He knows he fucked up and has no base to provide valid proof of anything so he’s hoping it just goes away

2. He has been fruitless in courting any journalist willing to believe his bullshit, and hopes it goes away.

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@rsanderlin @Snakeeater36 @2Photon2020 Its some mentally very unstable lady with a massive hate boner for #goldcorp & boog bois and thinks there is some grand conspiracy where the far right rules everything or something like that. She also tries to dox people for wrong think but is really really bad at it 😅

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Just so I have this correct:

Malcom Nance, disgraced former intel guy who was/is Persona Non Grata from his intel community -

got his info about #GOLDCORP from

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Arrive Violently. But first - Coffee. #weare138 #GOLDCORP #happytoserveyou #2a

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@kaijubushi I hear #GOLDCORP is looking for a few good men who want to be all they can be.

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Boogloony vetbros at #goldcorp don't seem too bright

There is no Twitter "exposé" thread or mediocre podcast that is going to stop what comes next

This is no longer a "socmed" issue

It's a "treason/fbi/Congressional investigation" thing now

But go off @WTFIOGuy

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*laughing* I'm about to delete some replies in which I was trolled rather well by #GOLDCORP...

Well done to all.

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@BBWThighTickler @AOC @BawdyLilBitsy Sir, I have it on good authority you are among a group of white supremacists employed at #GOLDCORP

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@T_Giarratano This whole #GOLDCORP episode has really shown some people’s ass.

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This is not true. They were in fact lobbying to get Alwyn Cashe his Medal of Honor (and were successful). I know at least two in real life.

It was an ideologically diverse group that did it. Some are pretty far right, at least one is a progressive dem.

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I would also like to point out the date stamp on this tweet as well.

"December 18, 2018"

Just in case someone wants to accuse the author of being a member of " #GOLDCORP" (yes, you all are that ridiculous).

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@libertylineman We here at #GOLDCORP only hire the least woke.

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This is why #GOLDCORP doesn't hire trades---people for campus infrastructure upkeep. If you're not comfortable referring to yourself as a tradesman you need not apply.

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@libertylineman knows all about this.

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@JAT1967 @Nephareus @kittyst0mper @BMoreDefiant @FrancaRose33 @badjin_rank @DebLeeFab1 @UseLogicPlease1 @photoartist9 @vjeannek @AschesAlive @darkenrahl86 @Destrier15 @garner_forest @yammerapple @SaltNFire @AggressiveDem @votenowandearly @SHOSTUNZ @Tampke @Libertybibbledy @ElleS_21 @mydumbcrusade @BenjaminHampson @RedFizo1 @FlynDutchman466 @QuantumFlux1964 @RobertVosFrere @adam93452 @sound_hologram @Peaches_Sabrina @JohnTFolden @Tomaspain2 @Murphwave @RustyBelinda @Twitter @POTUS @jack @themanfronUNCLE I'll get on that when the office opens in the morning.

We I'm going to start running through the #goldcorp payroll system on 2/1, so that should correct everything

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@kristina_wong Dammit they should have hired #GoldCorp.

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Besides getting it wrong about #GOLDCORP, stolen valor also has friends who literally dox law enforcement officers and post the dox on social media.

How do I know? Because one of them doxxed my friend who's a US Marshall.

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Savages who sell coffee....what else do you need to know?

#GoldCorp Approved.

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Some interactions in the hospital.

Nurse: You have to put a mask on.

Me: No

Nurse: I can’t check your vitals then.

Me: Ok, then I guess you’re not needed...gtfo my room.

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@JackMartensite @spreadsheeticus @neontaster in Israel would make #GOLDCORP look like a Sunday School project. It's an entire nation of guys like @JoeSilverman7 and @Btaylor74 (the military there is largely Jewish and (Bedouin) Arab Muslim)!

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This will be the most incriminating piece of evidence in the investigation of #goldcorp for #DomesticTerrorist activities related to the #TrumpCoupAttempt


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@T_Giarratano @Jarhead3534 Fuck #TitaniumCorp. Titanium is brittle unless treated with loving and detail oriented attention.

#GOLDCORP is just a bit flaky.

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#goldcorp interviewed a Congressman during their tour

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#goldcorp front man @terryschappert has been quiet since the #TrumpCoupAttempt

@jackmurphyRGR a close friend of the suspected #DomesticTerrorist & conducted an interview with him this past Sunday

Does he know that his account was scraped (Incl. All 💚s) day of the attacks?

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अब आप मोबाइल ऐप से जान सकते हैं कि सोना असली है या नकली - जाने कैसे 👇👇👇

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Why does boogloony vetbro bbq need a 3d printer? @claudesbbq ?

#goldcorp BBQ front is printing lower receivers for weapons

To protect his sausce...

Is anyone paying attention?


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It's a damn shame I have to do this, but considering that a meme ( #Goldcorp) making fun of Silvercorp USA got us here, I feel I have no choice.

#StolenValor is behind the all of these claims of falsely accusing innocent people of #domesticterrorism.

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I made an impromptu stop by Congressman Pfluger’s office. He is doing a great job and wanted me to share this.

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