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The #76ers will be headed to Detroit to play the #Pistons.
#HereTheyCome #DetroitUp

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Love game days 😤 #HereTheyCome

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#HereTheyCome vs #DetroitUp

Pick de @OhPicks, encuentra el mejor momio en


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Can y’all haters STFU 🤬 #HereTheyCome

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Sixers again tonight 😤 let’s get another dub and hit up club Shay Shay 🤣🤣 #HereTheyCome

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That vibe you get when you realize your coach isn’t a 🤡 #HereTheyCome

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Begint een vast patroon te worden: Ben Simmons taking over in 4th quarter. Joel - frontrunner voor MVP - zet de toon, maar Ben gooit games in het slot in met suffocating defense. #HereTheyCome #Sixers

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Forgot we have more Sixers basketball ACTION tonight and now I’m even happier. Saturdays are the gift that keeps on givin’!! You guys should be grateful! Count your blessings! Heading to a mask burning party 😤😤😤 #HereTheyCome

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@Rongs215 Man these guys really don’t like each other. What a joke! Sixas! #HereTheyCome

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Joel embiid in the 2 game Celtics series

80 pts
23/34 from the field
31/36 from the line
21 REB
3/7 from 3
And +28

EMVPIID. #HereTheyCome #joelembiid #embiid #sixers #sixerstats #MVP

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Coming off two straight wins over the Celtics, the @sixers are in Detroit for a pair of matchups against the Pistons.
Hear game 1 tonight at 8pm on 830AM WEEU! #HereTheyCome

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Home team advantage – We know the phrase, we see it in sports across the world.


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No way Joel plays tonight. Give him the game off and he’ll come back Monday #sixers #HereTheyCome #sixersoutsiders

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I saw this last February and made sure to screen shot it. I hope this person has been identified and justifiably slandered #JoJoForMVP

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Top of the East 11-5 🕺 #HereTheyCome

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Looking to keep a good thing going.


📰 @DKSportsbook

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#HereTheyCome #PhilaUnite

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@The_PhifthQ @SixersSadie @JoshReynolds24 @JoelEmbiid @dmorey 🎹 great idea for a @sixers giveaway! #HereTheyCome

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Y’all so-called fans are always so fast to trash @BenSimmons25 He literally took over the game late in the 4th quarter last night. Where y’all at now? Negadelphians? Haters? Bueller? Anyone? #HereTheyCome

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NBA: "If the season ended today, this is probably your MVP."

⬇️ @WorldWideWob details just how efficient Joel Embiid has become for the @sixers

#NBA #HereTheyCome

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So we don't talk Tobias Harris when he is balling #HereTheyCome #Sixers

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My jerseys arrived today and they are so much sicker in person #sixers #HereTheyCome

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Can't post this with the song because it's copyrighted and we don't want to get sued.

But we still thought you'd like the vibes.

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Joel Embiid really doesn’t like Ben Simmons

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Whether or not the #Sixers dodged a bullet by not trading for James Harden is a discussion for another time; this post will focus on the positives and negatives of not trading away Ben Simmons.


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6-5 last night. #NBA picks for 1/23:

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Shooting On The Move With @TyreseMaxey 🔥 Details - Flare screen , DHO , Catch & shoot slot 3 into a drift corner 3 🎒🏀 #jushoop

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This is your new favorite @sixers video period.

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0-3 lol. #NBA picks for 1/22:

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