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The entire #insurrectionDay was planned like the climactic scene of a huge budget superhero #thriller. The #Insurrectionists were acting like the kids in #RedDawn. Great movie. And #DonaldTrump had dreams of returning to the #WhiteHouse as #KingOfTheWorld.

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All those insurrectionist Trump folks shouldn't be pardoned. Wait until January 20 after 12:00 to charge them #insurrectionDay That way a pardon can't be granted @TheDemocrats

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I've seen a lot of footage of the #CapitolRiots but this is the first I've seen this video. #insurrectionDay #CoupAttempt #capitolbreach #DClockdown #TrumpTreason

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He got a Police Escort ffs 🤬

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I don't have many bible verses memorized, but this one is very key in modern society...

"Beware of false prophets, which come to you in sheep's clothing, but inwardly they are ravening wolves."
Matthew 7:15

#Christianity #PoliticsLive #InsurrectionDay

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There are a LOT of #insurrectionDay takes but this one by Fiona Hill is definitely worth your time.

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@GregAbbott_TX Texas taxpayers don’t want you and your felony buddy @KenPaxtonTX wasting their money on hate and conspiracy theories. It is this attitude that led to #InsurrectionDay. Stop posturing and get your heart right with me.

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@LindseyGrahamSC This beats dineesh desouza ratio levels of ignorance. How can there be unity without first having some consequences for trump and his meathead goons who storm the capital as if #InsurrectionDay was their Independence Day? Just stop 🛑. No Malarkey

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Watching those videos from inside The Capitol on #InsurrectionDay makes me sick. I cannot believe that so-called Americans did that.

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The Insurrection Day keeps getting worse. Watch this video (thanks Kirk)

#CapitolRiots #MagaTerrorists #Magaterrorism #InsurrectionDay #CopKillerCruz #TedCruzIsADomesticTerrorist

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This is a must see video of footage
from inside the Capital building!


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@DakotaGopher @Mikaela59865792 She only starting talking about being nice to each other AFTER #InsurrectionDay when she realized that she helped whip the frenzy by going on TV and tweeting about the election being stolen. The party of responsibility takes none.

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An excellent point that the radicalization of #MAGA is the result of 5+ years of his rallies. His #insurrectionDay speech was just the most recent one, but these people were already high on anti-government poison.

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@CatharsisDaily Hello @RepStephMurphy
You are my rep here in FL. Please read this post and through the comments. Many are concerned about the effect of Fox News on the military especially after #InsurrectionDay. Please consider joining w others to make changes.
Thanks from a FL-7 constituent.

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@GrahamA71145540 @Mike_Pence #KRAKENGATE
( #Watergate
Child's play🆚
#insurrectionDay )

#quoteoftheday I am honest, and I just again, I want to thank you.
- #DonaldTrump ; @GOP #DomesticTerrorists Creators{DTC}

#quote People have to know whether their #President is a Crook. Well I am not a Crook.- #Nixon

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@blueheartedly Absolutely + let’s be honest they have had it from the get go - these pics r from the outset ie way before he lied to them about election having been stolen!

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jan 6 was insurrection day, not a riot. #InsurrectionDay

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@jsrailton @washingtonpost jan 6th was insurrection day, not a riot. #InsurrectionDay

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Washington, DC preps for #BidenInauguration.

Imagine if #InsurrectionDay had never happened!
They might not have been preparing as much as they are
for #InaugurationDay.

via @YouTube

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@houdatlisa @rudekaty @NOLAHistoryGuy Giggling, but heaven forfend a 2020 remix! Gave immune system a break for 2 &1/2 weeks; #InsurrectionDay ended that.😒😷

Thank the [email protected] ! Bought Canadian whiskey4 toddy's +sake 🍶 with zero driving required. Mindset; immediately improved.😎😊

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The evidence that January 6th was a Christian insurrection just grows and grows and grows.

Combatting this perversion of the Gospel has to be a top priority. It’s not just heresy, it’s an active threat to the peace and security of the nation.

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GREAT news, this @washingtonpost video timeline of the #CapitolRiot is also on YouTube.

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Republicans tell on themselves, like a lot! Just like #InsurrectionDay with all the selfies and live feeds to their social media accounts.

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The guy who sent $500k to the white supremacists that planned the #InsurrectionDay plot, mysterious dies by ‘suicide’? There’s lots of suicides going around lately. Who’s investigating this?

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Terrifying scope of Capitol attack becoming clearer as Washington locks down for Biden's inauguration

Find them and bring them all to justice. #InsurrectionDay

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January 6th's deadly #InsurrectionDay and #AttemptedCoup was brought to you by America's richest people & the most powerful, well known multinational corporations on the planet. America is now Guatemala. #FollowTheMoney. THREAD coming soon

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@Loews_Hotels I find it reprehensible that Loews and @UniversalORL agree to host @HawleyMO fundraiser. You might want to rethink this after his actions on #insurrectionday. Cancel his fundraiser.

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Honestly still processing the fact that Donald Trump sent a mob to kill Mike Pence, his most obedient servant.

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@jaketapper @gtconway3d @MarshaBlackburn played a huge role in spreading dangerous rhetoric leading up to #InsurrectionDay

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The “I’s” have it

Wed, Jan 6 #InsurrectionDay
Wed, Jan 13 #ImpeachmentDay
Wed, Jan 20 #InaugurationDay


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@whitenoisyish @HoweDefendsUSA So many days that I have not liked. Too many to list. Try #insurrectionDAY

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Anyone curious why no armed protection was sent to guard #WhiteHouse on #insurrectionday or take #Trump to the bunker as he watched on tv as it played out? He knew. He incited it and sat back to watch. #convicttrump

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@TexasGOP Allen West on video January 13, failing to answer questions by blaming others and bringing up allegations others have done. Also seen is him defending #CrazyUncle the following Wednesday after #InsurrectionDay

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@donwinslow You left some things off the list.

• The 2nd #impeachment

• The #InsurrectionDay battle

January 6-7 they further damaged the Republican Party, the Right in general, and amazingly made Trump even more reviled. We ‘won’ the election again! Arrests are occurring daily. #WIN

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@CheriJacobus @tedcruz Jan 6, 2021 should always be known as Insurrection Day, when Trump's white supremacist left dead bodies and bloody floors on capital hill. While lying Ted Cruz, Josh lil rudy Hawley and the sedition caucus promoted the lies. #Insurrectionday, #Accountability...

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Not at all suspicious.

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Um, I’ve never said your name in public, @RepBoebert. Never. Not once. (If you’re going to be a gun nut, you probably shouldn’t go off half cocked.) I’ll tweet the transcript so you can see...but that might be like “a fact”, so might not help you.

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The eyes of the world are upon #Texas! Chairman @AllenWest talks to @SkyNews #txlege

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