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"We did it to ourselves injuring Varly in the warmup. To me, it’s almost unacceptable." -- #Isles Barry Trotz

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My question to #nyr goalie Alexandar Georgiev after his shutout win over #Isles

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@_BigSteve89 I told a #Isles fan this afternoon I was looking for a better game 2 and they said "Nah, i will be pretty happy with a repeat of game 1" WHICH THEY PRETTY MUCH GOT TO BE ON THE WRONG END OF --- lol. #nyr

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My question to #nyr Pavel Buchnevich after his 2 goal game against #Isles

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@kneary22 My #Isles got destroyed by the #Rags so there was a 4% reduction in my overall enjoyment of today’s results.

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#Isles  Barry Trotz has no update on Semyon Varlamov. Says it's "unacceptable" to hurt your own goalie in warmups. Says it wasn't fair to Sorokin and wasn't fair to Varlamov. "We were junk today."

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@mgweissman #nyr goalie Georgiev owns the #Isles -- DQ should hopefully have found 6 more starts for him vs the cross town rivals.

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The Islanders are off tomorrow so no practice. A lot of soul searching no doubt but I expect a bounce back performance on Monday. #Isles

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Not sure if this got lost in all the Sorokin chatter, but Pulock said his ear was good after the game. He briefly left the game, but did return. Says he got stitches after taking a puck to the ear. #Isles

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If tonight’s game had taken place under the previous regime, maybe I can understand the panic by #Isles fans. The bottom of the barrel would have been scraped up for positives. But listen to what Barry Trotz said after the game. Efforts like this won’t be tolerated.

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@_BigSteve89 particularly after 48 hours of #Isles fans chirping at me... wtg #nyr - we now do not play each other again for a month so the high note ending is ours.

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Ya think Trotz has them on the ice at the garden doing suicides while yelling AGAIN ??? #Isles

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The whole “sky is falling” look isn’t a good one in Game 2, #Isles fans

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PHOTOS 📸 Mathew Barzal at the #Isles vs #NYR game in the Madison Square Garden • January 16, 2021

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Pavel Buchnevich and Artemi Panarin each scored twice and Alexandar Georgiev stopped 23 shots for his fifth career shutout, leading the #Rangers to a win over the #Isles on Saturday night.

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So tonight #LGRW win, #Preds win and #Isles crap the bed. 2 out of 3 is not as satisfying tonight.

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#NYR return the favor and shutout #ISLES 5-0 for first win of the season! The most comprehensive recap out there!

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And just like that, I had a flashback to @kevinpoulin60 2011 pregame injury for the #isles & Joel Martin’s recall from dinner at a restaurant (what, that was a thing?!) to hightail it to the NVMC. @fornabaioctp

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This perfectly sums up the night this guy had. #isles

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Well, tonight kinda sucked. Back at it Monday vs Boston. Hopefully Varly is ok. # #isles

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Barry Trotz on the Islanders performance in a 5-0 loss against the Rangers:

"We were junk."

Trotz was especially mad that Semyon Varlamov was injured in pregame warmups by his own teammate's high shot. He said it's the equivalent to running over your quarterback in warmups.

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Watch the first minute or so. Clutter might be in the doghouse #Isles

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@VoiceIslanderFn Dont forget it's all Bailey's fault... #isles

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Do we know who the idiot was who hit Varlamov in warmups? #Isles

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#Isles #LGI

Gadzooks Scooby, it’s been Garth Snow this whole time!!

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“This is a team loss for me.”

Barry Trotz ⬇️

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#Isles HC Barry Trotz is not happy.

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Awful in every way. Just have to shake it off, adjust the lineup a little, and play hungry Monday. Short season, no excuses, no time to dwell. #isles

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Updated game story with quotes from #Isles Anders Lee, Josh Bailey and Barry Trotz.

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@MollieeWalkerr As bad as the Rags were Thursday, the #Isles were tonight. Maybe worse, our #1 goalie is out.

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@AGrossNewsday I love watching this kid play hockey and he has so much upside but, man does he take the dumbest penalties....plural. #Isles

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Me to @allisona15: I don’t think it’ll be much crazier than the #Isles run, but god help you if you ever have to live through me and a #Jets playoff game.

Her: Yeah I’m not worried


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noah dobson was the #isles worst player tn

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Can’t even argue w this #isles. Well get em next time... if they start shesterkin

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#isles fans: START THE KIDS


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Trotz: “The first four goals are all stuff that we did. Turnovers, bad plays, poor execution. We were junk today.” #Isles

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@DaveBismo Haven’t seen lack of effort since Capuano

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If you need someone to look to for tonight’s performance, Barzal was arguably the #isles worst player. The O-Zone penalties are unacceptable. You need your star player to flip a script sometimes. Obviously, that did not happen.

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#isles drop rematch to the #NYR

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Sorokin hasn’t played a meaningful game of hockey in 10 months. Y’all really need to calm down. Game 2. Can’t win em all

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