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As we say in my country, she fits in just like Jesuschrist wearing a rifle ๐Ÿ™„๐Ÿ™„ #MAGA #IvankaTrump #IvankaForPrison

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@IvankaTrump Thats daddyโ€™s girl! Gave her a position she was not qualified for and goes along with all his lies! Good Girl! #IvankaForPrison #TrumpFailedAmerica #trumpcovidlie

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@newtgingrich @IvankaTrump We are not done with #IvankaForPrison advisor to #TrumpCoupAttempt that cheered on, fueled and supported the insurrection.

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@IvankaTrump #TrumpFailedAmerica #IvankaForPrison โ€œIvanka Trump Hit With The Cold, Hard Truth After Hyping Dadโ€™s 'Accomplishments'โ€

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Fascism is like Capitalism, without the money. - Yeah, that sorta follows. Yikes.
#DumpTrump #TraitorTrump #BidenHarris #AOC2024 #AOC #TraitorsToDemocracy #IvankaForPrison

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@IvankaTrump Do you think this โ€œaccomplishmentsโ€ will save your non existent political โ€œcareerโ€? To have brought ur daddy to not downplay a pandemic & to have a better response to this, would have help u, now is to late, 400k dead ppl are also on ur shoulders! #IvankaForPrison

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@IvankaTrump #ToiletGate #toilet #toiletpaper #Ivanka #IvankaForPrison #TrumpTreason #MAGATerrorist #MAGA #TrumpCoupAttempt #Trump

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@laurenboebert I'm hoping for the unredacted mueller report and Trump's tax returns.


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Just as delusional as Daddy to think she even had a political future. #uspolitics #IvankaForPrison #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison

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#NotAboveTheLaw #TrumpTreason #RemoveTheTraitors
#MAGATerrorists #MAGAIsCancelled #TraitorTrump #TraitorsSupportTraitorTrump #TrumpCoupAttempt #Trump #TedCruzRESIGN #HawleyIsATraitor #ByeDon #IvankaForPrison

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@WokeAnimal @DonaldJTrumpJr Hey, It's Carlos Dangers' bro, Manuel... #IvankaForPrison

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Me when we hear about all the trashy things #TrumpIsALaughingStock and his disgusting family have done in the White House. #AmericaOrTrump #TrumpCrimeFamilyForPrison2021 #IvankaForPrison #BeGone #ConvictTrump #SeditionHasConsequences

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@IvankaTrump how is Barron doing? Does he know his father is the disgrace of the world? Do you even care as his aunt... sorry, sister? You've failed Americans so why not the whole family? Karma is coming for you. #IvankaTrump #IvankaForPrison

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@IvankaTrump add that to the list of accomplishments that your father achieved. #YouWillNeverBePresident #IvankaIsTheNewKaren #IvankaForPrison

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#IvankaForPrison #IvankaTrump and letโ€™s not forget taxpayers paid over 100k for the 4 yrs so HER secret service agents could take a piss at her neighbors (rented bathroom)cause she didnโ€™t want them to use hers!

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โ€œHis career average approval rating is the lowest for any president in modern polling, back to 1939, and he is the first president in that time never to achieve majority approval at any point.โ€

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@IvankaTrump You called them, Patriots, you traitor. #IvankaForPrison

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@IvankaTrump had better be in a bit of a panic. Her next job won't be working on a new career it will be staying out of jail. #IvankaForPrison

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@IvankaTrump โŒ Impeached two times with double votes from Clinton
โŒ 389,000 Americans dead from Covid 19 under his management
โŒ Six lawsuits
โŒ Two times lost popular vote
โŒ 965,000 unemployed
โŒ Lost Nobel prize
โŒ and the list goes on and on ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿผ
#IvankaForPrison #Delusional

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Daddy giveth, daddy taketh away

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Does Ivanka Trump want to share her great White House accomplishment: how she made between $100,000 - $1,000,000 a year from a business she claims she shut down?

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I bet she'll be bragging about her Dad's "accomplishments" from prison, too.

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NEW VIDEO ๐Ÿ“ฝ๏ธ: Even during the Civil War, no one could imagine terrorists storming the capitol with the confederate flags. Nor could they imagine Nazis taking over the capitol during WWII. But that's what's happened.

Retweet if you agree we must #RemoveTheTraitors

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@IvankaTrump Trump Administration Accomplishments:

You called them "American Patriots" as they smeared feces in the halls of the Capitol, murdered an officer and attempted to assassinate the presidential line of succession.


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Great time to buy Ivanka merchandise

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Sounds like incitement of insurrection to me. But you be the judge.

RT if you agree.


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@IvankaTrump Trump Administration accomplishments:

- 390,000 Dead Americans
- Insurrection
- Two(!) impeachments
- Rampant pandemic
- Worst jobs record
- Torture of immigrant babies
- Tear gassing peaceful protestors

Fuck all the way off, Nepotism Barbie.

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Ivanka Trump you are an absolute disgrace to this country! Since we made this video the death count has nearly quadrupled. Your legacy is pain, suffering and death and you will never be welcomed back into society.

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You'll be tempted to let Ivanka the terrible slip away from your memory, but that would be a mistake. You should always want to remember this moment. Especially that look from Lagarde.

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Princess Nepotista and her escaped juniors department mannequin husband have a case of the sads.

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Longtime Trump advisers connected to groups behind rally that led to Capitol attack

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JUST NOW: @IvankaTrump and Jared Kushner are ""in a bit of a panic" about their future.

New Reporting from @KateBennett_DC

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Since Trumpโ€™s almost out of office, I figured this would be a fun time to remind everyone of the weirdest & dumbest sh*t our failed dictator did in the last four years that we totally forgot about.

Starting with a classic:


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