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@CHRIS_J0NES This is the way!

Welcome @TempoNSC!

@NashvilleSC @Redhage @marcuswhitney #NGUOY

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The six who saved lives on Christmas morning.

Our partner Hard Rock Cafe will be offering a complimentary Legendary Burger to all first responders during the month of January.


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Need these moments back!!!!
I miss @NashvilleSC @MLS 😔 #EveryoneN #NGUOY #MLS 🇺🇸 #MLSUK 🇬🇧

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People of earth: welcome to day one of Nashville SC’s second year in @MLS. Glory Music City. #NGUOY @NashvilleSC

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The substitution board we’ve all been looking forward to. Thanks to our partners inside and outside the club who helped make @NashvilleSC’s inaugural @MLS season a success on and off the pitch through unprecedented times. #EveryoneN #NGUOY

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No, Thank You! Thank You for an amazing year! #NGUOY

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You never gave up on us in 2020.
We'll never give up on you.

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Have an awesome 2021. Be safe and be awesome. #EveryoneN #NGUOY #MLS #MLSUK

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#NGUOY Nashville 🙏

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@TheBacklineSC #NGUOY Solidarity and love from Orlando. @NashvilleSC

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#NGUOY means so much to the city of Nashville. From tornadoes, to covid, to the explosion this morning in downtown.

This city has gone through so much over the last year, and we will bounce back stronger than ever.

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@michaelinblue @ManCity @NashvilleSC I can support 50% of this tweet. #COYS #NGUOY

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#nashvillestrong #NGUOY. We will continue to respond to adversity like we have all year. Y’all keep messing with the wrong City.

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People that don’t live here don’t know, but Nashville is one of the most resilient cities in the country, made up of dreamers that consistently persevere in the face of overwhelming opposition. All this tragedy just makes us stronger. #NGUOY 💛

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Never give up on you #NGUOY. Nashville explosion on Church Street.

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So excited for our 3rd year!! Merry Christmas to all my @NashvilleSC family!! #NGUOY #EveryoneN

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Our thoughts are with those affected by the explosion in Downtown Nashville this morning and with the first responders working tirelessly to keep our city safe.

Now more than ever, #NGUOY 💛

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Well done, ⁦@NashSoccerTrust & ⁦@Redhage⁩. Continuing the #OurTownOurClub legacy of supporter-owned #NashvilleFC embraced by ⁦@NashvilleSC⁩.⁩ #NGUOY #EveryoneN

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Help a guy out and RT! S/O @NashvilleSC !!

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Rodrigo Piñeiro se va al Nashville de la MLS. El atacante firmó por 3 años. Ya se despidió del plantel de Danubio.

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Re-entry phase two begins now. The list of available players is different - and so are NSC’s needs - than Phase one a week ago. #EveryoneN #TodosUnidos #NGUOY

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Nashville SC: Intriguing options in Re-Entry phase two #EveryoneN #MLS

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Also makes for appropriate Christmas stockings. And with those colors, no way the Big Guy misses them. @NashvilleSC #NGUOY #EveryoneN

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What’s your 2021 @NashvilleSC uniform wish list? If you had complete creative control, what would you like to see the team do? (UNIFORM CHANGES ONLY, NOT BRANDING)

#EveryoneN // #NGUOY

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It's the @NashvilleSC offseason, but two NSC players got international call-ups this month. #EveryoneN #TodosUnidos #NGUOY

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@alexpolnow @NashvilleSC @sPORTs_grass Welcome to the club! Looking forward to working with you! #NGUOY

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9 days left on this fundraiser!! Please give what you can to help the orphans in Kumasi have a happy Christmas! #NGUOY #COYBIG @NashvilleSC @TheBacklineSC @Backline_Latino @LaBrigadaDeOro @NSCRoadies @TheAssemblyNash @EasternFrontSG @HeatersNSC @RopapaMensah @iamdavidaccam

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Come walk down memory lane with the boys 😎

🎙 | @ImBrianTaylor @Robert37Krause & @NSCGuru
🗓 | Friday at 6pm
📺 |

#NGUOY // #EveryoneN

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What a fun atmosphere! Can’t wait to make Nissan rock next year with @TheBacklineSC @NashvilleSC #COYBIG #NGUOY #EveryoneN

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It’s never a bad time for a USL @NashvilleSC throwback. 💛

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Official petition for #NGUOY to have the @NashvilleSC logo next to it next season on twitter 👀

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Dude literally made like 2 mistakes MAXIMUM all season long. Was a hell of a pickup for NSC and deserving of the contract extension!

#NGUOY // #EveryoneN

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We played 2400 minutes of soccer this season.

@Dave_Romney12 played every one of them.

And he's about to play a lot more minutes after signing a contract extension with Nashville SC.


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We ride together. We die together. Nashville SC for life. Let's support the orphans

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My brother @sslepard and I got Season tickets for the 2019 @NashvilleSC Season. Can’t wait for the first game!!!!! #OurTownOurClub #RoadtotheMLS

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