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FIM DE JOGO! #NYR sofre dois chutes na trave no finalzinho, mas faz grande partida e se redime da derrota anterior. Próximo jogo agora terça-feira contra o #NJDevils #BrasilTemNHL

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PQP no passe do Severson para o gol do Yegor Sharangovich, que garantiu a vitória do meu #NJDevils sobre o Bruins por 2 a 1, no overtime. O hóquei é lindo demais #nhl

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#NYR with a complete 180 from Thursday night and take home a 5-0 win. #NJDevils up next on Tuesday night.

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I think I've watched this about two dozen times today #LGD #NJDevils

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What is wrong with Palmieri? He looks... off. #NJDevils

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• Jack Hughes
• Mackenzie Blackwood
• Ty Smith
• Yegor Sharangovich

All HUGE in the #NJDevils getting 3 of 4 points out of the #NHLBruins. All will be there for a long time. So pumped.

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MacKenzie Blackwood says hi. #NJDevils

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@NJDevils my birthday is the 20th there's still time to ship a present #NJDevils

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Agreed on this. Jack Hughes’ skating & confidence handling the puck look so much better than last season. Once he develops a real scoring touch, look out #NJDevils

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We're tentatively planning to record a new episode of #DevilsDaily tomorrow morning.

Come get some.


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The Last Word on Hockey Season 2 Premiere Is Now Up On Anchor, Spotify, & wherever you get your podcasts. The boys talk East Division w/ a little local flare. Plus predictions & goalie rankings plus more.

Listen Here:
@FullPressNHL #NJDevils #isles #nyr

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In case you had interest in Jimmy Howard as a backup for the #NJDevils.

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@deebotz @DetroitRedWings .....i said Hughes is better lol. Nice try “dude” #NJDevils i can tag my team too. Went quiet when presented with facts lol. Got called out and when quiet

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Friedman on Headlines says Holland reached out to Jimmy Howard about joining the Oilers, Howard answered he is very happy spending time with his family and expect his retire announcement on his social media channels soon.

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You know what, I’m just gonna say it...

Matt Tennyson has play just fine so far, and deserves his fair share of the credit.


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oh boy. the obnoxious rags fans are back

shut them up tuesday. #NJDevils

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When is the last time Carey Price has been able to play in a game with a 4 goal cushion

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@NHLFlyers Dope Anti-Venom goalie mask, I hope Big Mac Blackwood upgrades hid mask to like Harts and Crawfords was before he retired a #NJDevils

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Alexander Georgiev deserves more credit for New York. He has been their best goalie. I think he should be their guy going forward. I hope the #NJDevils face the lesser goalie on Tuesday

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🍫❤ + #NJDevils = *GREAT* day 💯 @NJDevils

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LET'S GO DEVILS❣️😈🏒❤🥅🚨 WIN #1 (3pts. of a possible 4pts. in 2️⃣ games -- not bad 😁) @NJDevils #NJDevils

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Devils take the Bruins to OT in first two games, lose the first in SO and win the second in the OT without Nico, Bratt and Vatanen... yeah this feels way better then last few years #NJDevils

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Give me 1 #NJDevils player you've liked and one you haven't liked so far. I'll start:

Like Ryan Murray
Dislike Kyle Palmieri

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Forgive me! I forgot my Moira Rose gif to describe the #NJDevils game.

So here it is, just a little late.

Yegor Sharangovich scoring his first NHL goal, as played by Moira Rose:

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The fuck does this even mean? #NJDevils

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@jackhughes43 😈🏒❤🥅🚨 🍎🍎🍎 @NJDevils #NJDevils

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Absolute chillz. Welcome to hell, kid. #NJDevils

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Travis Zajac is 6 games away from Game 1,000

He’s been to cup finals, has won games in OT, and played part in other key moments

He STILL gets this excited about regular season goals....

Travis Zajac is a Devil for life


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More like SharanGOALvich!!! @LetsGoDevilsPOD I can’t wait to talk about this game on Sunday night and how I can possibly replace the name plate on that dusty old #17 jersey I have! @NJDevils #NJDevils #letsgodevilspodcast

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i love the energy ty smith has brought...seems to be a great teammate #NJDevils

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GAME STORY: Devils 2, Bruins 1 (OT) #njdevils

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#NJDevils @RandyLahey1994 has the absolute worst Devils takes in the Twitterverse. The opposite of Elite.

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Sharangovich on his GWG: “I just shoot it. I closed my eyes and shoot it.” #NJDevils

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🎥 Laughs from both #NJDevils Yegor Sharangovich and Lindy Ruff tonight in my post game report!

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New Season means The Last Word on Hockey Show is back on @MADRadioNetwor1 We are talking East Division with a Metro Touch. Predictions sure to go wrong and goalie talk. Let’s ya know your thought. #NJDevils #nyr #isles #hockeytwitter

Check it out here:

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@RandyLahey1994 I’m going to go ahead and say you are the analyst I disagree with most. Your takes are the complete opposite of mine in many cases... #NJDevils @NJDevils

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No shocker there that our @mmschocolate Moment of the Game is Sharangovich's first NHL goal!

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An unreal pass from Damon Severson (@dseves7) leads to a memorable moment for Yegor Sharangovich. #NHLFaceOff

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I know it's just two games (and I need to see more), but saying this now. Jack Hughes is going to be something special for this franchise. You can see it. The confidence, the playmaking, the vision and smarts - it's coming together.

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Game Story:

#NJDevils | @UnibetUS

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Three assists in two games. How do you like them apples?

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