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hello twitter user honkkarl, do you think we could possibly get a futurama inspired tales episode in the future? that would be pretty cool. #TalesFromTheSMP

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i just realized i used the wrong tag so #TalesFromTheSMP

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I have a hc that as Karl time travels more, his colors start to drain
#karljacobsfanart #karljacobs #TalesFromTheSMP #TalesFromTheSMPArt

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Oh pain but it’ll be worth it! I’m working on so many projects about tales from the smp!!! #TalesFromTheSMP

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i just finished telling my grandma about the tales smp from last night & she looked at me crazy cos i was so invested in “block men” 😄👍🏼 #TalesFromTheSMP

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the egg takes over the server and causes a ton of destruction on the SMP
so a group of people have like a shelter underground but there are different levels- and one by one each of the levels start being destroyed until all humanity is gone

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i’m just saying a carnival / fair tftsmp episode would be cool as hell #TalesFromTheSMP

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#TalesFromTheSMP hey karl. karl jacobs. do we always follow the pov of the same karl everytime we enter the inbetween?? @honkkarl

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#TalesFromTheSMP there should be like one super super in the future with like aliens or something idk

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My brain is going brrrrrrrrr with the non-canon idea that the members of #TalesFromTheSMP who got trapped in the tomb actually died, and have to remain inside that mansion for the rest of eternity, possibly trying to lure the remaining cast to join them once Karl leaves 👀👀👀👀

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i think an episode of tales based off a holiday would be really neat!! maybe like halloween or a christmas adventure or something, that'd be pretty cool and make a whole lotta fanart :D

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the in between in tales from the smp is so well put together i literally get chills every time i watch it... the music is so perfect its all just perfect. #TalesFromTheSMP

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bc karls active im qrt this!! #TalesFromTheSMP

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@honkkarl tales last night was so amazing !!!! i swear you always do the unexpected and i cant wait for what you have in store next. every single time you out do yourself and idk how you do it. you’re genuinely so talented and creative :] keep it up !!! #TalesFromTheSMP

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#talesfromthesmp A mysterious man appears in town, he refuses to give a name other than “Averno” He doesn’t state why he’s there. Multiple people report suspicious activity from him. Will he cause chaos in this small town?
(In this case karl could be the mysterious man)

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are there certain motifs in the in between structure wise that we should keep in mind?? things like shapes, objects etc. #TalesFromTheSMP

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#TalesFromTheSMP when will we be getting an olympics/sports themed one. also, will we ever get a harry potter or greek gods themed one?

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#TalesFromTheSMP hey @honkkarl can we please get a musical episode? We can get the community to help write songs and I think it’s a good way we can incorporate something in an episode

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I would love to have a #TalesFromTheSMP episode where Karl goes back in time (or to the future) and meets himself or one of his ancestors! I think the implications of that could be super cool! @honkkarl

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@honkkarl any hints on anything upcoming? #TalesFromTheSMP

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i have so many #TalesFromTheSMP theories it hurts my brain

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the twins :)
zachary and ash, my beloveds

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i feel so bad for him... he misses everyone sm :(
#dsmpfanart #TalesFromTheSMP #TALESFROMTHESMPfanart #TalesFromTheSMPArt #jschlattfanart #jschlatt #karljacobsfanart #karljacobs

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The amount of time I spent on this is embarrassing,,, i kinda do like it tho

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which tales episode has been your fav so far? i’d say mine is the lost city of mizu with the masquerade being a close second but all of them are amazing it’s honestly difficult to choose #TalesFromTheSMP

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ranboo and ranbob 😭
‧̍̊˙· 𓆝.° 。˚𓆛˚。 °.𓆞 ·˙‧̍̊
{ #ranboofanart #ranbobfanart #dsmpfanart #TalesFromTheSMP}

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hey look it's joey !! the chad guy !

#TalesFromTheSMP #TalesFromTheSMPArt #TalesFromTheSMPFanart #PunzFanart

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#TalesFromTheSMP set in the future but it’s in the ruins of the Dream Smp- we see what’s become of the prison, Erets museum + castle, the remains of Lmanburg, kinoko kingdom, badlands and any other significant areas in the smp

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The twins from Tales of the SMP ⚠️ TRACE ART! ⚠️ #TalesFromTheSMP #TalesFromTheSMPArt #ZackeryAndAsh #dreamsmpart #twins

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i've said this before, but can we PleASE have a coliseum/tournament kind of episode? i feel like the competitive vibes would be so fun to have :,) #TalesFromTheSMP

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seeing karl reply to ppl talking about #TalesFromTheSMP makes me so :) he's always so excited for what he's done & what he's doing next & i'm happy he gets to do this stuff that he loves sm & that he shares these beautiful worlds & stories with so many ppl. ugh i love him :')

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you should do a episode where it’s like bikers vs surfers (like teen beach movie lol) it would be so cool to see how everyone would act!! #TalesFromTheSmp @honkkarl

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