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Ayer me vi la 1 y la 2 haciendo un homenaje a ambas justo el dia después del aniversario de la 1 y antes que el de la 2. Que alegría #ToyStory #ToyStory2 #ToyStory25 #ToyStory21

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Toy story never gets boring! #DadLife #ToyStory25

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@DisneyParks I Have too say thank you too @Barbie for refusing too be in the first #ToyStory25 cuz if Barbie hadn't refused I wouldn't have my Bo Peep

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I Love this Movie Happy Anniversary #ToyStory25 and bo peep is my Favorite

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... oh how the years go by...original Toy Story is 25 #ToyStory25

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#ToyStory25 #Happy25thAnniversary

#ToyStory4- a fine film from a great #trilogy but I think it could've done with a #villain or a stronger sense of #peril? Just saying?

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25 YEARS: @Disney & @Pixar Studios release Toy Story in US theaters 🇺🇸 on November 22, 1995. #ToyStory25

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@Depelicula_rne La primera es la más especial, no sé cuántas veces la habré visto ya. Todo un clásico del que podemos aprender muchas cosas. Woody y Buzz son mis preferidos aunque todos tienen algo que los hace únicos. 😀😀 #HastaElInfinitoYMásAllá #ToyStory25

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ربع قرن / ٢٥ عام على اطلاق فيلم #حكاية_لعبة من @pixar في مثل هذا اليوم عام 1995

You’ve got friends in these toys! Happy 25th anniversary to Toy Story, first released on this day in 1995. #ToyStory25
#disney #pixar #toystory #1995

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@Pixar celebra el 25 aniversario de #ToyStory mostrando sus primeros artes conceptuales >>>

#ToyStory25 #pixar

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Y nuestros juguetes favoritos volvieron a la carga.

¡Feliz 21º aniversario a #ToyStory2! 🥳

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Don't barrel through our #WorkZones! The lives & safety of our crew members depends on YOU!

When you see our cones, remember to
👁️ stay alert
📵 ditch distractions
👷‍♀️ pay attention to road crews
🐢 slow down
⬅️ move over if possible
🛑 be prepared to stop

#ToyStory25 #DriveSafe

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25th anniversary of #ToyStory, 10th anniversary of #Tangled. Which to watch today?
Yes. Both. You are correct.
#ToyStory25 #tangled10

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#ToyStory25 #Disney #anime
#Pixar #Smile #LoveHappy

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#ToyStory is 25 years old!? 😱 I still remember seeing it in the cinema as a kid. We were in #Tasmania visiting family when I was 6. Now in my 30s it's still my favourite. 😂 @DisneyAUNZ #ToyStory25 @Pixar

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Me estás diciendo que yoy story tiene 25 años???? #ToyStory25

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Happy birthday #ToyStory25

Best movie ever made 💜.

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Toy Story can be seen as evolutionary rather than revolutionary – a marker of already developing trends in the 1990s and a continuation of enduring traditions from the history of animation. #ToyStory25

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(Shopping) Une nouvelle collection de produits Toy Story sest sortie hier sur shopDisney, célébrant les 25 ans de la saga.

#ToyStory #ToyStory25

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One of those #animated gems that are watchable on repeat for #parents and children! #ToyStory25

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Interesante artículo sobre la revolución de la animación digital aprovechando que se cumplen 25 años de #ToyStory #ToyStory25

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OMG my 4ever movie cartoon!!! #ToyStory25 🥰😍🤩😘😗😚😙

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Busting out the LaserDisc tonight. #ToyStory25

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25 years of The Toy's Stories.


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Pixar kongsikan poster #ToyStory25 bersempena ulang tahun ke 25 filem tersebut, menampilkan karakter-karakter asal mereka.

Berapa umur korang masa #ToyStory pertama ditayangkan?

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Happy 25th Anniversary to Toy Story. 💫

*Tepatnya si kemarin 23 Nov, cuman baru kelar di finishing gambarnya. 😁
Btw, ini salah satu Film yang bikin aku pengen koleksi banyak toys ✨✨
#toystory #ToyStory25 #toystorycollection #Woody #buzzlightyear

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Seguimos festejando el 25 aniversario de Toy Story con este #EstudioAnimation🖌especial en donde les dejamos el arte conceptual de la primera película en la historia de Pixar. Pueden ver la galería completa, aquí: #ToyStory25 #Pixar💡

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Today I wore my #ToyStory25 jean jacket & I got so many compliments! I live this cute jacket! 😍 #DisneyCM

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How’s I miss this?! The 25th anniversary of one of the best animated films ever made!! 🙏🏽 #ToyStory25

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Happy 25th Anniversary to #ToyStory

‘Buzz’ - Taehyung
‘Woody’ - Yoongi
‘Rex’ - Jungkook
@BTS_twt #ToyStory25

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25 años de Toy Story, la primera película hecha completamente en computadora

Más información en:

#ComercioMargarita. 🇻🇪

#MarketingDigital 💻


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Happy 25th Anniversary to one of the best animated films I’ve ever seen and one of the most important films in movie history. This movie is a package. Combining its legacy, lessons about friendship, heart, story, and creative and memorable characters! #ToyStory25

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( 👨🏻‍🌾⚠️🥬🍅✏️🍔📘 ) *‧₊˚

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Amazing... 👏🏻👏🏻una de las mejores películas animadas que he podido ver #ToyStory25

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El cumpleaños número 25 de #ToyStory


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I think #TheChild and a @toystory alien would get along very well and share macarons 🍪 #babyyoda #ToyStory25

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Hace 25 años se estrenó la película que nos hizo ver a nuestros juguetes de otra manera 😅. Te compartimos estos artes conceptuales que nos dejó #Pixar de los personajes, ¿te hubieras imaginado a Woody como marioneta? 😱

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The toy box is overflowing with fun! Happy 25th anniversary to Toy Story, first released on this day in 1995. #ToyStory25

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We’re celebrating 25 years of friendship, play, and the inspiration these beloved characters and stories have had on Disney Parks around the world! “To infinity and beyond!” #ToyStory25

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