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#January20th #trump will give himself a #21gunsalute #redcarpet exit #MilitarySendoff America think how we are treating the memory of #OfficerSicknick #Sicknick died because of #TraitorTrump the #traitor gets a military send off the hero forgotten - This is America

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@Nordstrom Thanks for dropping the #trump line. I will make it a point to spend money at Nordstrom.

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The Proper Response to Insanity:

Ethics in an Era of Trumpism & the Difficult, yet Profoundly Fruitful, Task of Loving Your Dragons

#Trump #GOP #Republicans #TrumpTreason

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#Trump finds Facebook, Instagram accounts unblocked

@instagram @Facebook @POTUS

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So do U think that the 10 RINOS Who voted 2 IMPEACH TRUMP will have REGRET now that we know that THUGS from the left were involved & actually planned it ahead of time ? I DON'T THINK THEY CARE. SOME DAY THEY WILL. Because BIDEN will B A disaster !!

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We need about 10,000 more charged #capital #riot #trump

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JY CR high speed powder mixer 50L || China Manufacturer || Cosmetic Maki... via @YouTube #Trump #China Making Machine #Cosmetic Making Machine #Lipsticks Making Machine

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10 days & 5 deaths since #Trump incited his followers. @ScotMorrisonMP & @M_McCormackMP still choose NOT to strongly denounce Trump's seditious act.They & the #LNP by default, have failed to defend truth & democracy. Appalling. Vote.them.out. #auspol #guardianaust

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@nytimes Never forget all the people & news media that told us we were had “Trump Derangement Syndrome” & its crazy to say Trump would try and overthrow Govt, try a coup, had Dictatorship dreams, was Hitler-like ...

We were right !! #1776Again #Trump

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@Katpa73 Looks like Julian Paul #Assange is up for #Trump's pardon consideration

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@JudiciaryGOP @SpeakerPelosi Took just as long for you all to get a judge on the Supreme Court in hopes she would do #Trump bidding. So stop pulling crap out of anywhere to show comparisons. He was guilty and the whole WORLD saw it.

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Usually, when cult members decide to go on themselves without #dearleader, it's usually disastrous for the leader

There are rumors starting that this is beginning to happen online for #cultoftrump members starting to abandon #trump and go it alone

The end won't be pretty

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Virtually everyone with a thought process knows that #OBiden DID NOT win the election with 80M votes.

The inauguration will be a sham shoved down the throats of all those who voted for #Trump.

#Kamsy will become POTUS soon. Watch and see. And she'll do everything she's told!

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Yeah.. I hear it’s at 29% based on a Pew Research Poll. Probably lower than that! @GOP gambled & lost w/lies again. This poll rating is the lowest in history.. of any president. #Trump is an embarrassment @cspanwj

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Let us #NeverForget the time #trump fed the #NationalChampions a buffet of fast food #hamburders

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#Facebook #Instagram de las cuentas de #Trump #Potus estan activas.

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@MarkHertling @TheRickWilson its all so insane

I often imagine a couple of script writers around a table when i hear #trump news, they’re saying well what would happen next?

let’s get the pillow guy back in
have him displaying notes about martial law

lets run with that 😁

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The #FBIBbldg., now that #Trump no longer runs things, will stay at this location.

He wanted it moved b/c it "hurt" his hotel -- which he sold anyway.....

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#Trump should reserve judgment on #MartialLaw until a plenary summit at the White House with the ShamWow Guy and Ron Popeil. Sadly, Don "Tiny Classified Ads" Lapre is not alive to attend.

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Facebook e Instagram reactivan las cuentas de #Trump suspendidas tras el asalto al Capitolio

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@FoxNews @FoxNews are you seriously pulling out the one #blackguy out of thousands of #white #trump lovers?!?!?!?

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F*** you @MyPillowUSA!

F****** #Trump lovers!

I don't need you bitches.

I sleep mostly in my office chair anyway.


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Reports starting to come in that #trump supporters are fed up with him denouncing their #CapitolRiots and are starting to abandon him and move ahead without him online

The final indignation to his disastrous Presidency would be losing all his supporters just as he leaves office

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Ummmm...that's big NO !

These #MAGA really, REALLY think that #Trump actually cares about them

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@AnnePolomo @jazz_1130 Friday Disgust of #DopeyDon:

-More keeps coming out about the Insurrection & #Trump role
- #GOP downplaying Coup & Members roles in it
- #McConnell poison pills for Stimulus
- #COVID19 388K+Dead 23.6M+Infected


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Jake Angeli pide el perdón de Donald Trump tras asalto al Capitolio

#JakeAngeli #capitolio #EEUU #Trump

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@newtgingrich @NikkiHaley really kind of like #republicans and #Trump have been doing the last 4 yrs and beyond..I mean some in your party have been trying to over turn a election and #Trump supporters attacked the capital

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@brycetache When they go against him their Death Eater scars burn intolerably. #trump #republicans

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Según información desclasificada recientemente, el Departamento del Tesoro de la administración de #Obama financió al grupo Al-Qaeda.
Dichos documentos han sido expuestos por el presidente #Trump y Charles Grassley del Comité de Finanzas del Senado.

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Now add 24X greater evidence of systemic corruption to steal the election in the #1, #2 & #3; backed by evidence at and at #StopTheSteal #Trump #Biden #Election 2020

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BREAKING REPORT: Facebook and Instagram REACTIVATE President Trump's accounts..

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A senior defense official tells @TBomanNPR there were 143 notifications of investigations by the FBI last year of former and current military members.

Of these, 68 pertained to domestic extremism cases.

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Trump approval rating falls to new low after Capitol assault

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It's one thing for the Georgia Secretary of State to say the President pressured him to change the election results.

It's another thing to have it all on tape.

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“I would like a pardon from the President of the United States.”
Dallas area realtor Jenna Ryan is the 2nd D.C. riot participant to ask for one. She flew on a private jet to D.C. to “stop the steal.” FBI arrested her today. She says: I feel persecuted.

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ATENCION | Pagina de @Facebook y de @instagram del presidente Trump se ha reactivado.

Les pego perder $48,763 millones de dólares en valor de mercado por vetar la cuenta de Trump.

Link de @Facebook 👇🏻

Link @instagram 👇🏻

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As stand-in leader, McCormack failed to take a stand in defence of truth and trust | Daniel Hurst

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It’s not just that these 3 inciters Roger Stone, Steve Bannon & Mike Flynn all worked for Trump. It’s that he PARDONED 2 of them for their crimes. If Trump pardons the third it is just more reason to convict him(not that he is exactly lacking in that dept)

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