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I'm being told by the tweet author that this makes perfect sense, I'm just not bright enough to get the point. I really believe that it's just a stupid anti-vax meme that's Not Even Wrong, but could I possibly be missing something?
#COVID19 #VaccinesWork

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Proud to be part of the slough vaccination team and SPINE primary care network finishing covid vaccination for care home residents and now racing to finish over-80s and housebound vax...as reported in tidays ITV news #vaccinationCovid #VaccinesWork #VaccinationDrive

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Still a bit emotional, almost exactly 10yrs ago I was helping to administer Polio vaccines in Kathmandu, fast forward 10yrs & very grateful for the role reversal. Please take the 💉 #OxfordVaccine #VaccinesWork #ThanksScience #COVIDVaccination #AstraZeneca #HandsFaceSpace 💚💙

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I am hopeful #COVID19 #coronavirus #blacktwitter #CoronaVac #newswecanuse #B117 #2021challenge #PfizerBioNTech #BidenHarrisInauguration #askdream #AstraZeneca #VaccinesWork #CancerResearch #immuneresponses #immuneflareups #2020worstyear #ByeDon #BernieSanders

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Today I was trained to deliver the COVID vaccine and gave a small number of patients their protection from this horrific disease. 🦠 Mixed emotions to say the least! Keep going everyone and let’s get this done! 💪🏻 💉 #vaccinationCovid #VaccinesWork #StayHomeSaveLives #NHS

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Fantastic piece about the work we need to see done to help all people feel informed and empowered in their choice to vaccinate.

It's natural for people to have questions about their healthcare, and it's important to deliver quality, accessible information. #COVID19 #VaccinesWork

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Everything in context of 1980s Flash Gordon. #VaccinesWork

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County Health Officials Want Change In Way Coronavirus Vaccines Are Distributed #RGV #vaccineforall #VaccinesWork #vaccine

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@JenniferJJacobs @Quicktake I’m fully expecting feel the same when I get mine. Both shingles diesels did the same to me. #VaccinesWork

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Covid is still killing Tennesseans. Please everyone continue to mask up when around other people, stay home as much as possible and get vaccinated as soon as you can! #VaccinesWork #WearAMask #StayHome #Tennessee #COVID19

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Because of the context of herd immunity, if we all get vaccinated with a #vaccine that has at least 75% efficacy, we will all together, as a population, be protected. Trust the public health experts. #COVID19VaccineSeries #COVID19 #VaccinesWork

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How someone wasn't part of knowing what's going on in the world with our friends, rivals, enemies... is beyond me.

So happy & encouraged to have Dr. Fauci heading up solutions for America and the world, because we all share this planet.

We ALL need #vaccines #VaccinesWork .

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Study shows that #COVID19 may clear the lungs, but not the body and it's been found hiding in the brain dormant.😬

#MediaTech #MediaBuzz #Science #News #Life #GlobalNews #WorldNews #VaccinesWork #VaccineStrategy

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Enjoying the new edition of The Sawbones Book while finishing up my first Covid vaccine trial visit! #VaccinesWork @sydneemcelroy @JustinMcElroy @Sawbones

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The Control Group pilot study of vaccinated vs un-vaccinated will make you wonder Do #VaccinesWork? Why are unvaxd 1000% healthier? AUTISM

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I just went to NYC Department of Health and Mental Hygiene in Crown Heights to receive my first dose of #COVID19 #vaccine. It was a efficient, quiet, just overall good experience. I would definitely recommend going there. #VaccinesWork

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Find a flu vaccination location near you at . #FightFlu #VaccinesWork

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Our #LdnOnt needs to follow this advice. #Disinformation #VaccinesWork

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Not being offered in Kentucky for my age group/classification status yet, but I look forward to rolling up my sleeve as soon as my turn comes. Thank you #science !!! #TakeAShot to stamp out #covid19 and protect yourself, your family, neighbors, and colleagues. #vaccineswork

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This is truly excellent #SciComm, as we know to count on from @apoorva_nyc. Please read it, & not just the headline. #COVID19 #VaccinesWork. You should unequivocally get one as soon as it’s your turn. If they need to be tweaked going forward, they will be.

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Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine works just as well against variant first detected in U.K., study... via @statnews #COVID19 #PfizerCovidVaccine #PfizerBioNTech #VaccinesWork

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The total COVID-19 case count for Tennessee is 697,783 as of January 21, 2021 including 8,684 deaths, 2,513 current hospitalizations and 639,444 are inactive/recovered. Percent positive today is 13.17%. For the full report with additional data: .

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The adults are back..!!
Joe Biden lays out his plans for attacking Covid..
100 million doses of the vaccine..10 executive orders..
Please share this hopeful news..
#WearAMaskSaveAlife 😷

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TY Mr President @JoeBiden signing off on this real plan (!) to combat #COVID19 in the US

Key goals:
#Stopthespread (masks, tests, #publichealth)
Use #DefenseProductionAct
Safely reopen
Go global & for #healthequity


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I have been volunteering to help out with the vaccination efforts in our community. Here I talk a bit about it: #VaccinesWork #COVID19Vaccine

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@JackPosobiec But make sure to vaccinate them to keep them safe!

... and to sterilize them in line with the awesome depopulation #agenda2030 #VaccinesWork more vaccines the better we need to “spike that little BhGC” if you know what I mean 😉 red shoes !

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@nytimes So very grateful that U.S. is re-joining the world to engage w global health citizens on #publichealth efforts to crush #COVID19

TY Dr. #Fauci for re-engaging with @WHO on behalf of all American #healthcitizens

TY @JoeBiden for signing the Order

#ScienceFacts #VaccinesWork

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Which face has the covid needle and which one doesnt. Selfie during injection, thats courage. COVID VACCINE IS SAFE ALL. paul, frontliner. #VaccinesWork #COVID19 #CovidVaccine #SanFrancisco

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Nächste Woche wird wohl ein neuer Impfstoff von @JNJGlobalHealth zugelassen. Eine etwa 90%ige Wirksamkeit, bessere Lagerung und deutlich günstiger. Wunderbare Nachrichten! #COVID19 #VaccinesWork

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Good tips for pre-bunking misinformation.

#VaccinesSaveLives #VaccinesWork

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Bello sentirsi dire Ti amo, ma pure ‘Cento milioni di vaccini in cento giorni’ non deve essere male eh.

#VaccinesWork #VaccinoAntiCovid

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The Anti-Vaxxer Playbook to Destroy Confidence in COVID-19 Vaccines – Science-Based Medicine

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SCIENCE IS BACK! And not muzzled anymore!

“That’s why you’re going to be hearing a lot more from Dr. Fauci again,” @JoeBiden says.


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The success of vaccine uptake in Canada will depend on a multipronged approach that addresses the unique needs of our diverse country.

My latest in @globeandmail with @SeemaMarwahaMD and @NaheedD

Key points below: 🧵

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A flu vaccine is an essential part of protecting your health in 2021. Even if COVID-19 is spreading in your community, you can safely get a flu vaccine by following CDC’s recommendations for doctor visits. Learn how you can get flu vaccine during #COVID19:

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Anti-vaxxer lies put lives at risk. Londoners must fight against these dangerous falsehoods.

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Today was a good day. I have never been happier to wait in a line. If you’re eligible, join me and sign up to get your vaccine. Come with me if you want to live!

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