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Ungazikhusela ekosulelekeni ngokungazibambi emlonyeni, emehlweni, nasempumlweni ngezandla ezingahlanjwanga.

Hlalela dude ebantwini.

#Covid19SA #WearAMask #StayHome #WearAMask

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As much as we are itching to get back to "normal" and life as it was before, it is a mistake to pretend that that time is now. Too many people are dying and getting sick. I know that it's upsetting and sad to think about, but we must remember. #COVID19 #WearAMask

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Trusting the science is going to require, well, trusting the science. #OpenTheSchools #wearamask

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State of Ohio really out did themselves with this promotional here! #maskupohio #WearAMask

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I’ve been on the hospital service this week and I’ve seen every cardiac condition posted. So many in the hospital and so many dying. #COVID19 is not just a virus! It’s a total body attack with long-term effects!! #Takotsubo #HeartFailure #Afib
#WearAMask #VaccinesWork

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خطر #كوفيد_19 لم ينته.. لحمايتكم وحماية مجتمعكم وللمساهمة في الحد من انتشار فيروس كورونا المستجد، حافظوا على ارتداء الكمامة بشكل صحيح مع غسل يديكم بمطهر كحولي أو بالماء والصابون بإستمرار، وترك مسافة تباعد كافية. #البس_كمامة #WearAMask

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@DailyMail And still grossly underpaid. But thanks for the info. #WearAMask

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So my musings are:

1) we are nowhere near here immunity
2) all states need more of the vaccine
3) states need the plan from the feds how many vaccines/week they’ll get for more than a week in advance
4) we still have a long way to go with this
5) #WearAMask

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Good beautiful morning from #downtownamherst 🥰 ❄️ what a perfect day to put on some snow boot come into town for some coffee ☕️ or tea 🍵 and take a stroll through our lights 💯 stay cozy #wearamask #enjoythesnow #winterwonderland #IAMherst #wegotthis #supportsmallbusiness

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T0421 departed Rosebank station at 14:58 en-route to Retreat

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Not a pretty picture for #Florida. Residents are at a very high risk for contracting #Covid_19 in red counties and extremely high risk in purple counties. Of course, this #pandemic knows no boundaries. #WearAMask

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#NorthernLineCT #MonteVistaLineCT
T2523 approaching Stikland station en-route Kraaifontein station .

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Working remotely means I’m with my family cohort and I don’t need to mask 😷 up. But for those leaving the safety zone, here’s my daily reminder, #Billerica. #BeSafe #WearAMask  and pet a cat 🐱.

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So glad you made contact with her & so sorry she’s been suffering so unnecessarily! If everyone would just #WearAMask & not visit , get together or anything #SuperSpreaderEvent like Maybe your sis & countless others wouldn’t have to suffer! #EndCovid19 #StayHome #MasklessMorons

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@TTChelps @ttcriders @TTCnotices does mandatory actually mean optional?? Why do operators allow people without masks on their vehicles and why do some operators not wear masks??? WTF?!?!? #thisisajoke #ttcfail #WearAMask

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NYT 1/27/21 12:17 AM


Cases 25.4 million

Deaths 425,208

Hospitalized 108,957

So grateful Biden has a plan


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Props to Kovid Kompound Kenny on his entrance to MLF competitor SPMC. If they would have played the same entrance music, that @chadzumock used at @kevinbrennan666's roast, this would have been perfect.

A. Klien
#WearAMask #SocialDistance #Dummy.

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We are still getting a small amounts of clients entering the practice. Please DO NOT do this unless instructed so by a member of staff! & if you are coming inside, you have to wear a mask! #covid #donotenter #WearAMask

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Someone I know who got COVID-19 has just managed to get off a ventilator after many months in hospital. He had no previous underlying conditions but he will be left with permanent damage to his organs. This is a horrific disease. #StayAtHome #WearAMask

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#Covaxin @piersmorgan @devisridhar #COVID19 #Covid_19 #covid19uk #vaccination #CoronavirusVaccine #coronavirus #coronavirusuk #CoronaNewStrain #B117 #CovidVaccine #WearAMask #WearADamnMask #MaskUp #SocialDistancing #StayAtHome #StayHome #staysafe @ICMRDELHI @BharatBiotech 👏👏👏

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Happy Wednesday, Dear Friends! 😁🥰❤

Be Sure To Practice Safe Social Distancing & #WearAMask!❤

A Shoutout To Frontline Medical Staff, First Responders, Retail Workers & Teachers Who Are At High Risk During These Dangerous Times! Thankfully, Better Days Are Ahead!! ❤❤❤

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If mask mandates and other covid precautions were treated and enforced like show shoveling mandates, we wouldn't be talking about covid today. It would've been a 'that sucked for a month, but that was the past'. #WearAMask

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The #Wisconsin #GOP are a bunch of a**holes & I hope that everyone of them is voted out of office. #WearAMask

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T0421 at Salt river station en-route to Retreat station .

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Hey anti-maskers... Guess what
#WearAMask #SocialDistancing #COVID19

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All done first #vaccination done #thankyou@NWAmbulance⁩ really really well ran and organised #staysafe #wearamask@MarkEvans1208⁩ ⁦@CrtNwamb⁩ ⁦@NWAmb_CRTJane⁩ ⁦@DrChrisGrant⁩ ⁦@NWAmb_Resus_CL⁩

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China starts using anal swabs to test 'high-risk' people for Covid

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Myth: COVID mortality is low in some countries because their immunity is stronger

Fact: It’s multifaceted but one BIG reason is that COVID kills way more people over 65-y old. And % of population over 65-y is:

Italy 23% - Spain 20% - US 16%

Indonesia 6% - India 6% -Pak 4%

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COVAXIN developed by @BharatBiotech with @ICMRDELHI has equivalent immunogenicity against the UK-variant & circulating strains of SARS-COV-2 in India.@icmr_niv is the first in the world to culture the UK variant. Read more: / J Travel Med (In Press)

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Here is my baby sister who l’ve tried for over 2 months to reach. She resides in So. California. Well, just heard from her. She’s been severely sick fm COVID & just now able to talk. All glory to Almighty she’s alive.Sounded weak but will be fine. #WearAMask

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The only Senator refusing to wear a mask as he signs the oath is former doctor ⁦⁦⁦@RandPaul.⁩ An embarrassment to the Senate and to medicine.

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Dinner with friends. Book club without mask on. Baby shower for niece. Maybe you get away with it once or twice. but, what happens when your luck runs out? Limit your risk and stay safe, Ohio

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