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Even during a bull run, it's important to have strong hands. This certainly wasn't the first time, and won't be the last time, that a clickbait "news" story tries to FUD #Bitcoin. As long as you HODL and stack during dips, you'll come out even stronger.

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Ethereum is cheap right now! #ETH #Ethereum #HandsOfSteel

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Glad to see Chubb has $$$ on the Chiefs also. #HandsOfSteel

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Rule 1 during a #bullmarket : Never sell a project with strong FA = $GTH
You need #handsofsteel if you want your 10 or 100X... send it πŸš€πŸš€

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@xrp_mami I couldn't agree more, I think this is to perfectly orchestrated with alot of the SEC stepping down and the new chair being an MIT professor that knows Crypto and so on. I will be holding on to every single #XRP that I own. #Handsofsteel

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Welcome to @penguins Cody Ceci. Smooth as always.

#handsofsteel #mitts #PITvsPHI

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Where will the floors settle???

HODL cowboys 🀠


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@BitcoinCashNws @MTrenzs @MarcDeMesel @HelloDavidBond @BitcoinCashA @DavidShares @mrniceguyos @alberdioni8406_ @rogerkver @GeorgeDonnelly @be_cashy I’m in red atm. Stacking up more then. #handsofsteel

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@GoingParabolic #HandsOfSteel my brotha. Been here since 2017.

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@JohnEDeaton1 No need to worry when you know what you OWN!! #0doubt #XRPCommunity #XRP #handsofsteel

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Hold on to the worlds greatest digital asset, #HandsofSteel

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Either the #XRPCommunity are Fools for believing in one of the best crypto projects in existence fundamentally & technologically OR they become some of the Greatest Investors of our time! #XRP

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Once again... Synthetic hegemonic currency! Just sayin. #xrp #0doubt #HODL #handsofsteel

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@Kevin_Cage_ We’re not going anywhere. #HandsofSteel #XRP

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@millionaire_xrp looks like a good time to drop those xlm bags and buy the standard. #0doubt #xrpcommmunity #handsofsteel #thiswillagepoorly

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Ladies and gentlemen that’s what a shakeout looks like. A head fake to shake out the weak hands. This is the last major shakeout before the storm. #handsofsteel #xrp #xrpcommmunity

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This must be the ultimate shake out.

Well played to the powers above.

I’m seeing long term XRP holders jumping ship to other coins.

#handsofsteel #xrp #ripple

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@xrp_mami I rode this coin to .11c I will do it again. #handsofsteel

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Neal gets brownie points for his 50 Cent intro song #UFCVegas17 #ufc #handsofsteel

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Geoff Neal I need you to bring me this 14u parlay win #handsofsteel

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@monica24753236 If Ebron can't catch passes from Big Ben, what makes him think that he can catch those bullet passes from Josh Allen #handsofsteel

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#xlm pumping lol they baiting us to jump into it instead of #xrp STAY FOCUSED! #HANDSOFSTEEL

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I got to take Neil on this 1. #HandsOfSteel

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Handz of Steel.

Your #UFCVegas17 poster has arrived!

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@Axel_bitblaze69 Just hodl and patient! @SwipeWallet and their CS will keep improving! #handsofsteel

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i got 5 on it. #ICECOLD #handsofsteel not even OG's know to the level of backwards forwards topdropping hats can hold

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#HandsOfSteel πŸ‘Slower than I remembered, but a fun slice of cheese nonetheless. Easily the best post-apocalyptic cyborg arm wrestling film! Claudio Simonetti's score was the highlight (as repetitive as it got).Β 

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Still not stuffed following Thanksgiving? Then join me and slew of five gents for some GGTMC Leftovers! The fun starts at 1:30 p.m. ET! #WMACMasters, #ToughAndDeadly, #TheStabilizer, #HandsOfSteel, #StrikeCommando, & #ParoleViolators!

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@ayemigz We have a long way to go! Expect many more ups & downs along the way. #HandsOfSteel πŸ‘Š

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The best podcast about the worst cyborg in cinema history

#podcastshow #podcastfan #HandsOfSteel #scifimovies

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