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@ceoashianna isa lang #pRouD HAHAHAHAHAHAHHSHAHA

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We are #proud to be working with The Scholars Programme which launches this week, for this year’s applicants. We plan to continue working together with even more students in the future.

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A MASSIVE well done to the team! GO #TRAUMA&NEURO #proud #teamworkworks #NHSheroes #TEAMUHCW 👏🏆🌈

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@sandeepvlogs Love u bro, l love seeing your vlog from ur college days video, I love watching ur gaming flatform and daily vlogs #proud to participate in giveaway competition conducted by tech in kannada
God bless you brother
Instagram id - king_maker_851
Love u brother from shivamogga
Thank u

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Proud to be Indian
#republicday #indian #proud #proudmoment @ Demech Chemical Products Pvt. Ltd.

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Your one vote can rock the boat.
Happy #NationalVotersDay2021
@Honest_Brokers your #RIGHT your #VOTE your #PROUD

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Warm your hearts on this cold day by looking at this amazing maths work by our talented Year 1 pupils! Their home learning is always super creative! #proud #homeschooling @SRSCMAT

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शहीद निशांत शर्मा को श्रद्धांजलि देने उनके अंतिम दर्शन करने उनके आवास पर पहुँचे। पुलिस प्रशासनिक अधिकारी, जिलाधिकारी और वरिष्ठ पुलिस अधीक्षक भी मौजूद रहे।

#MartyrNishantSharma #Condolences #Proud #DharamSinghSaini #Saharanpur

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#Proud to be part of this training team. Strong positive message & learning outcomes, during V tough times for so many. Online for now. FAB adult leaders who do so much operationally (& at home)...and still give up time to make a big difference to their #cadet units. Thank you👏

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Our first staff entry for this week's #healthyselfie competition...

Mr Carton still managing to do some cycling despite the snow! Great work sir!

#proud #teamwigston 👏💪👍🚴‍♀️

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Aaron showing his poetry skills reciting The Wee Reid Motor #carnegieburnsbonanza #teamcarnegie #proud

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Yes I made a giant cookie with bashed up chocolate coins

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Another student #healthyselfie entry and more snow fun...

Year 7 Ethan sliding about on the snow! Who said being active wasn't fun!?

#proud #teamwigston 👍💪👏❄☃️

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Mr Taylor’s Year 10 art group have handed in some lovely work for their lesson on drawing facial features. They have worked so well and it is clear that they have a lot of talent! #proud #PremtomHasTalent #portraits #artists

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Our first student #healthyselfie entry of this week is in and it's a spectacular one...

Here we have Cadie performing some impressive gymnastics to stay active! Great work!

#proud #teamwigston 👏💪👍

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@MohuaCares @MangteC @BJPManipur @BJP4Manipur @S_F_O_I @indianortheast Yes true that ..
#proud ✌️

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Alhamdullillah❤ this is happening #PAKvSA. International cricket finally returns in #Pakistan. Thank you #SouthAfrica to come here and give us that opportunity to host you in our homeland. #Proud #moment 😍

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Congratulating Mimansha Soni, a member of Chandigarh University Alumni Association on her remarkable achievement. Mimansha has sparkled like Sirius in her career lane and made a splendid landing to Microsoft as a Support Engineer.
CUAA wishes her all the success
#cuaa #proud #win

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Mr Simmons is extremely proud of Jakob's work in year 9. Clear presentation and lots of effort gone into his maths work. #maths #proud #success #Superstar

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Yayyy!!! Congratulations my baby @AyoolaOlafenwa Keep shining bright. So much more to come.

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An amazing VIP Guest entry to kick off this week's #healthyselfie competition...

Here was have our friends and kit suppliers MDH on their snowy walk to work! Much healthier (and safer today!) Than using the car!

Thanks guys!

#proud #teamwigston 👍💪👏❄

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Our #GraduateSuccessStory this week features Jacob, a graduate from our blended SCC in Autumn 2020. Embarking on a new course during a #pandemic is no easy feat, let alone securing a job within weeks of graduating. We're so #proud and can't wait to see his career progress.

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IPS Officer Krishna Prakash made it to the World Book of Records for being the first Indian Government Servant, Civil Servant and Uniformed Services Officer, including Armed Forces and Para Military Forces, to earn the ‘Iron Man’ title. Kudos to him!

#Indian #Proud

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I cant believe it... 6,2 Millions views that’s so insane 😭❤️ Thank you so much @trapmusicfam for this amazing opportunity 🔥 #giornogiovanna #trap #remix #proud #JojosBizarreAdventure
Coucou @superhenrytran j’ai vu que tu avais utilisé le son en story insta,un gros merci à toi!

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Dydd Santes Dwynwen Hapus - Happy St Dwynwen’s Day
Tasks are set on @Showmyhomework including the morning check-in and maths instruction videos - work hard and have a lovely day
#week4 #proud #cwricwlwmcymreig #welshhistory

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Zel's different, and #proud, and, most importantly of all, in love.

Available #KU #Kindle

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Morning Twitter 👋

We are kicking off our week with a guest entry into the @WigstonAcadPE #healthyselfie competition as we have left the car at home for a very ❄️❄️ walk into walk this morning.

Stay safe whatever you are doing today #mdh #stayactive #staysafe

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🌟Y5 Star of the Week: Hamza. This pupil is always positive about their learning and encourages others to work hard too! #artwithnature #proud #homelearning🌟

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Hai superato mille inverni.
#proud of you #marioserpa

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I am very excited to announce that my paper "Simplifying Object Segmentation with PixelLib Library" is now published and is available on #paperswithcode.

#MachineLearning #ArtificialIntelligence

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@helengrantsays She sounds wonderful! Love to see the hat she knitted. My tinned soup bearing mum died in 2007. My aunt told me I from a long line of small, feisty, Irish women. I have a daughter & 4 granddaughters so the torch has been passed. #proud

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Everytime I listen to this man aka @alijeesarwar I remember these line’s from on of his noha “Mehsoos Yeh Hota Hai Raza Kehti Hai Zehra (sa)
Padhte Raho Yun Hi Mere Shabbir (as) Ka Nauha
Khud Aaungi Main Sunne Alijee Jo Padhenga” THIS VOICE IS GOD GIFTED WALLAH!!🙌🏻 #proud

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tru pero very productive ng monday ko #proud

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What a way to start the day!🌟

Congrats to Amber Howard who has joined @TheGlobalGoals as their Social Media and Digital Intern. We hope your first day is going great!🤩

Show them what you're made of Amber!🌟

#Proud #CAInterns

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Good morning Nursery 🥰 Here is the learning grid for this week 🤩 Remember to post your work on Twitter or Tapestry 👍🏼 #keepupthegreatwork #proud @Inspire_Ashton @TrustVictorious

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mas nakakapagod talaga magtrabaho at gumalaw kapag monday

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As we start a new week just a reminder that everyone @ChelwestFT and @WestMidHospital are doing a great job. Every day is a step closer to getting through this - big thank you to everyone - you are all doing such an important and amazing job #proud #oneteam #AllInThisTogether

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The fabulous @UHCW_TraumaNeur group deserve a HUGE round of applause today. The teamwork and camaraderie shown is phenomenal, pulling together and working so hard to promote a safe patient environment whilst looking out for each other. Well done 👏 #proud

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50 super⭐ Leaders in our VPC Safeguarding sessions, Wk 1 of '21!Personal stories & dedication: wow! BIG👏👏 @CadetsWMP @DCPolVolunteers @HantsPolCadets @MerseyPolice @CumbriaCadet @MPSCadets @ASPCadets @LincsPolice @NWPCadets @NYorksPolice @WYP_Cadets @NpolCadets @LancPolCadets

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