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@laoctavadigital @HillaryClinton @JoeBiden @BarackObama @rubengluengas Sabemos lo que México es para la mayoría de políticos en #USA pero este video/nota pretende ser usado para PREVENIR un cambio de postura en las relaciones del presidente de #Mexico con #Biden TIENE USTED QUE ACUERDOS ocultos firmó #amlo con #Trump en la fachada de "amigis".

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@mama_c2 @RepAndyBiggsAZ @RepGosar @RepMoBrooks @RudyGiuliani @DonaldJTrumpJr @LaraLeaTrump @EricTrump #Trump /CC: @RepTedLieu
@RepRaskin @davidcicilline @RepDean @RepJoeNeguse @RepDianaDeGette @JoaquinCastrotx @StaceyPlaskett

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#LyingINstate🆚 #BIDENHarris
#SDG1= #endpoverty🕟YnOT=

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NO KATIE COURIC! @Jeopardy She believes #Trump supporters are a cult and should be de-programmed. 😡😡😡

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Das Beste an #Trump war, das man ihn abwählen konnte.

Bei einem Virus klappt das nicht.

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I wonder how long this will rotate in the news?
If #Trump it would have Rotated every hour on every station and newspaper for 3 weeks.

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Menos de la mitad de los senadores republicanos necesarios apoyan una condena de Trump ante el Congreso - #EVNews #Trump #impeachment

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THIS IS THE WORST ARTICLE I HAVE READ ABOUT THE #Insurrectionists may #Trump and the other politicians who helped arrange this get sentenced. #CruzResign #Hawley

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あんなに多くの軍人を集めた、バイデン軍営、収集がつかなくなり、軍人達に駐車場で寝る様に指示。最悪。トランプ氏は、自身のホテルを無料で提供。何故、みんなそれに気づく事なく、トランプ氏が、「利益を得ている」なんて言えるのでしょう。 #Trump 真実を知って下さい Wake up everyone!

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Check out Markelswick's video! #Trump

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And what about all the SHIT he did do

Pipe down FFS. The guy is a complete moron #Trump #TrumpMeltdown

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#Trump sale y llega #Biden: la toma posesión más rara (e inquietante) de la historia de EE.UU.

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مهم نیست چقدر ریپورت بشم یا اکانت جدید بزنم مهم اینه توییتر هم خرخودمونه
خوب که سواری بگیرم آرش پیاده میشم

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#Trump was never 4 the #AmericaPeople. He should be #impeached to #prevent another disaster horror we lived the past #fouryears. Those #GOP Republicans worried about #Trumpwrath - #TheAmericanPeople say - “DON’T WORRY-WE GOT YOUR BACK - You’re putting #country over #party” @CNN

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@RScottTipton new money versus old money as well. #Trump epitomizes new money

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@Gert_Woellmann @JuliaKloeckner @Markus_Wojahn @ManuelaSchwesig Wobei @ManuelaSchwesig natürlich inhaltlich absolut recht hat. #Trump hat einen sehr guten Deal mit #Pfizer für die #USA eingefädelt. Dazu wären in DE weder die SPD, noch die CDU in der Lage.

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@LaZurdaDeChavez @Lechuguinos_com Les salió bien caro. #Iran les dió hasta con el tobo y no tuvieron capacidad de respuesta. Quedaron desnudos ante el Mundo y eso es lo que le están cobrando a #Trump

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So @JoeBiden has NO COVID plan (his words) so he is going with the #Trump plan. The WHO announced that the test being used gave massive false positives and there needs to be new parameters in place. So President Trump was right.


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Hij doet me aan iemand denken maar wie ook weer #trump

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@igorbobic @aterkel #Trump, the Capitol mob, the @gop , @foxnews & Republicans in Congress all had the same goal to install the defeated man as head of the government, against the will of the people, via any means necessary.

People like this used to have the decency to flee to Argentina.

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#LCI est en train de nous passer un film encore à la charge de Trump, bashing + bashing et encore bashing et pourtant il n'est plus president. Il met encore en émotion les medias. #trump

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@IngrahamAngle doesn't understand that #Insurrection, #DomesticTerrorism, beating policeman, and violent assaults are not the same as pursuing Justice for the instigator of those Acts (individual number one #Trump). She appears to condone those Acts.

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#Trump spent 4 years rolling back environmental protections. Restoring them will take @JoeBiden years as well. via @CoralMDavenport

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The @GOP wasn't turned off when #Trump reversed #Obamas orders

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I’m going to say something unpopular:

We always pick (rightfully so!) on those (e.g. #Trump-ists) who don’t wear #masks.

But this👇🏻 is also wrong! Masks don’t work without #SocialDistancing.

Ok, you can now hate me...

#covid19 #staysafe #InaugurationDay

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And the probing begins!

The war will come soon!

Without #Trump at the helm, #Taiwan will fall quickly!

Who will be next?

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@merkur_de Wieso denn Vorwürfe gegen #Trump? Er hat die Soldaten nicht unter unwürdigen Bedingungen auf dem Kapitolfußboden gestapelt! Übrigens waren es auch nicht seine Anhänger, die am Mittwoch randalierten, sondern die #Antifa. #YesToNoCovid wird also von #Biden und #Antifa untergraben.

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La mafia russa fa quel che cazzo vuole. Dopo aver derubato e devastato il popolo russo, si è comprato parassiti e giornalai di merda in mezzo mondo: da #trump a #burlesquoni, da #casalercio a #selfini e #meloni, da #òrban #erdogan, etc.

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@2_off_the_grid Yes, that's their socialist plan, initiated by the #Trump administration, to rid the world of waitresses & barbers.

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@meap1 @YouTube Donald Trump pagó más de 2,7 millones de dólares a personas y empresas que organizaron las manifestaciones y el asalto al CAPITOLIO.
vía : @business #Bloomberg


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8 Chinese bombers and 4 fighter jets have illegally entered Taiwan’s air defense zone.

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Putin...immagino che il Ministero degli Esteri Italiano non abbia nulla da eccepire

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Katie Couric 'Jeopardy!' gig in peril? Producers fear she's 'too polarizing' after anti-GOP comments: report

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Donald Trump is the first president in modern history did not start a new war.

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I'm so proud of Donald Trump allowing the National Guard and police officers to stay at his hotels for free.

RETWEET if you're proud too.

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Revealed: President Joe Biden may already have set a single-day record for the number of jobs killed by an American president.

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