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Where is the real #unity instead of putting each other down? If more #Americans can learn the real history of #America wed be in a much better place! #GodblessAmerica!

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What about #unity ? I guess just another DEMOCRAT LIE
Biden and Harris what say you?

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I’m just hoping all this talk is going to lead people checking the #unity tag to stumble on a bunch of cool #indiedev projects

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The old guy on the bus you talk to because you assume he’s lonely and has no one else got on camera somehow.

Still don’t want to wear a mask.

Still not a patriotic duty.
(Anyways I though patriotic was a synonym with Xenophobe and racist? #what then about #unity)

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This is what #unity #healing and #MovingOn looks like to me: via @Strandjunker

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The only way we are going to have #Unity is to have the #NotMyPresident insurrectionists and the #MAGA'ts punished and beaten down! Then things will be a lot better.

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But wait, you said you had a plan? That was a lie too?!? #Unity

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Dear Kpop Kids…you rock because it’;s completely obvious you think we need to #ImpeachBidenNow too

#Unity baby!

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@seanfeucht @eternallystoked @JoeBiden This statement screams their desire to Pack the courts and did not mention one word about the life of babies. What happen to #JoeBiden need to have bipartisan deals and #unity.

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@SenSchumer I thought the Senate was split 50/50 and the Vice-President broke any ties. You are assuming everyone will vote “party line” on every issue...you may be right but that is a very sad going in position. #Unity #BeBetter

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We absolutely need more #unity. But there's no virtue in letting bullies and scumbags push you around.


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That damn dress divided us, but now #BernieSanders and his mittens are uniting us all again! #Berniememes #unity #Mittens #berniesmittens

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So about #unity with Trump supporters and the @GOP ... 🤨

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Any, & ALL, LEGAL means necessary.

#Justice & Accountability will begin the Healing Process, & #Unity . #JusticeMatters

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We will reunite. But first the enemies of America must be held responsible.
#COVID19 #GOPSeditiousTraitors #GOPCorruptionOverCountry #unity

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NO BAIL for charged rioter who prosecutors claim helped drag an officer down the U.S. Capitol steps, tried to flee to Switzerland and then attempted suicide.

Judge: His case is “deeply troubling.”

Double-byline with @ColinKalmbacher at @lawcrimenews

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@VictorBlackbu14 @geegeebythesea @ChuckGrassley He started a fire none of them have the balls to even TRY to put out. Ultimately , it will be on us to do it. Any Means Necessary.

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JUST IN - President Biden now says "there is nothing we can do to change the trajectory of the pandemic in next several months."

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Biden reversed Trump's Executive Order to reduce pricing for insulin and epinephrine.

Democrats want higher insulin prices?

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Former FBI Director James Comey says ‘Republican Party has to be burned to the ground’

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Convict Donald Trump.
Remove Ted Cruz.
Remove Josh Hawley.
Remove Kevin McCarthy.
Remove Lindsey Graham.
Remove Mo Brooks.
Remove Ron Johnson.
Remove Louis Gohmert.
Remove Jim Jordan.
Remove Matt Gaetz.
Remove Lauren Boebert.
Remove Marjorie Taylor Greene.

Repair and heal.

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Pres. Biden: "I'm asking every American to mask up for the next 100 days."

"The experts say by wearing a mask, from now until April, we’d save more than 50,000 lives."

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