Replying to @ScHoolboyQ: NUMB NUMB JUICE 🎥 OUT NOW! #TDE

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....Age is just a number.... what u score on someone's scale is irrelevant, u alone need to lov the person looking back at u in the mirror.- #quoteoftheday #WinterIsComing #inspiration

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“It’s Stiinngg” glad to see Sting again in the professional wrestling

got to admit this week of Aew Dynamite #WinterIsComing is hella awesome 🔥

Congrats also to Kenny Omega for winning the #Aew tonight

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Sunglasses + Jean Jacket + Dynamite Diamond Ring = @orangecassidy next week


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#WinterIsComing send Ivanka to prison for embezzlement.

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Well, I will look back fondly on Jon Moxley's #AEW World Title reign. What a Champion he was. I'll never forget this reign of his. Did a lot with that title. Still shocked that he lost. But every Champion knows when his/her time is up. #AEWDynamite #AEWonTNT #WinterIsComing

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