My brother @ScHoolboyQ dedicated his life for another milestone. I got the honor to watch and learn. You did it again soloist. πŸ™πŸΎ

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 1 year ago

@NicholasBlough @kendricklamar @ScHoolboyQ People begging for music in unrelated replies are the worst of us

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@kendricklamar @ScHoolboyQ now it’s your turn to drop music king

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 1 year ago

@kendricklamar @ScHoolboyQ Drop your album

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 1 year ago

@kendricklamar @ScHoolboyQ When’s your next album

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 1 year ago
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F you @TheDonCallis! @KennyOmegamanX had to cheat to win, I guess Moxley was the only one who had to leave the garbage wrestling at home. What a fantastic show anyways #AEWDynamite #WinterIsComing

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AEW Winter Is Coming, NXT Heading Into WarGames | Speak Now Pro Wrestlin... via @YouTube join @WONF4W live stream in 20 minutes time as @_denisesalcedo reviewing #NXT #AEWDynamite #WinterIsComing

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AEW has given their women's division multiple storylines in recent weeks, but now they HAVE to give more in-ring time to it if they're partnering with Impact. #AEWDynamite #WinterIsComing

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Impact site crashed off of #AEWDynamite #WinterIsComing wow, I'll probably watch it Tuesday but I don't have axxces network. Can you watch it on twitch. @JcsCommentary @CountdownEnded @view_raw

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For those that have slept on @IMPACTWRESTLING, it’s time for you to open your eyes

#AEWDynamite #WinterIsComing #AEW

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