I am very sad to know that Shri Jaipal Reddy Ji is no more. We were together in Parliament for many years. He was very assertive in the House and very warm at personal level. I will miss a dear friend #JaipalReddy.

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@Jayaram31305940 @SushmaSwaraj Sushi a ji was symbol of solidarity and the best example of humanity

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 1 year ago

@SushmaSwaraj My Love, Salam, Dua always with you and your family. God Bless AmmA :(

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 1 year ago

@eyes_of_ankit @SushmaSwaraj Shubh Shubh bolo. Long live maam

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@SushmaSwaraj Who will tweet after your demise?
We will definitely miss you ma'am.

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Kia is the only acceptable answer. #MyWorstCar

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#MyWorstCar was a 2004 Chevy Impala.
On top of being a six year old car at the time it was also an ex-police cruiser.
....It was cheap.

The main problem was the security system.
It would leave you stranded for hours at a time somewhere.
It would just keep the car from starting.

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@TheRealHoarse #MyWorstCar was a 2 door AMC Javelin with no heat, no a/c and doors that flew open randomly.

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@jimmyfallon #MyWorstCar was a yellow ford pinto with a lite blu car door. I drove around in a bruised banana car that went top speed of 60 ..maybe

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#MyWorstCar was my first car. A Toyota Corolla hatchback, with black spray painted windows, and a battery that was held in with tied extension cords. Every 2-3 days, you had to fill with water or it would overheat. It was a gift from my mom’s lame ass ex-boyfriend.

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My first car was a Renault Alliance. The windshield wiper clips broke and wouldn't hold the wipers any longer. I kept a few diapers and water in the car so I could tuck a wet diaper under the metal wiper to clean the salt spray off my windshield during the winter. #MyWorstCar

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