How do we translate people’s needs into ideas, and turn them into products that positively impact billions? Follow along as @GarronEngstrom from the Social Impact Team shows how it happens behind the scenes.

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@_smokedogg Profile picture Rags ❕


 2 months ago

@facebookdesign @Facebook @GarronEngstrom Politely asking for help from facebook. My account is locked and there is no customer service or help. It's been over a week. No explanation.

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@facebookdesign @Facebook @GarronEngstrom Trying to get a hold of Facebook. My account is on restriction for 30 days because I posted pictures of the universe. How does that violate facebook community standards? @Facebook

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@darek29021988 Profile picture Dariusz Jenek


 2 months ago

@facebookdesign @Facebook @GarronEngstrom I was blocked on Facebook. How to unlock my account?

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@facebookdesign @Facebook @GarronEngstrom Please @Facebook check DM. Thank you.

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First of all verzuz is for retired or finished artists. Second of all Chris Brown could hit shuffle and murder anyone in a verzuz #verzuzbattle #verzuz

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I didn’t even know there was a #Verzuz  last night. Let me check the recap.

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Keyshias shirt or whatever wasn’t it #Verzuz

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Usher vs JT would be an even #Verzuz Usher has hits but don't forget JT cam dig into his NSYNC bag and pull out hits.

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I’m not gonna be satisfied until Bow wow quit being scary and do the #Verzuz with Soulja Boy.

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That tupac and keshia cole playa cards right hit different dont it #Verzuz

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