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 2 months ago

NASA's internet connection can reach speeds of up to 91 gigabits per second.

About 13,000 times faster than the average internet connection.

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 2 months ago
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 2 months ago

@PeiLyla90 @UberFacts No we don’t get you facts straight

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 2 months ago

@UberFacts Would still take years to download warzone updates

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 2 months ago

@_D_G_B__ @UberFacts Underrated comment

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 2 months ago

@UberFacts I feel for Africans still using AOL and a 56k modem

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 2 months ago

@UberFacts Damn if only I could get even a tenth of that speed.

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@UberFacts Considering you can get 1Gb residential connections. Not that impressive 😉

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 2 months ago

@UberFacts That’s a lotta porn!

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 2 months ago

@UberFacts Wouldn't matter on call of duty it would still be laggy 😁

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Love my LI girl @GKirschenheiter so much! #rhoc

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@lcw916 All the years Shannon screamed, "I'm not a liar!"

Pffft.The bigger the front the bigger the lie. #rhoc

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@DakotaCassidy Why does everybody see how dumb Kelly is except for Kelly? #rhoc

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@irish_rua @Andy We need to get rid of #RHOC altogether.

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Can someone please explain to me what a “non practicing bisexual” is? Hmmm, Elizabeth? #RHOC #CovidMadeMeWatch

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