We don't know who needs to hear this but Harry Styles looks amazing in a dress.

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@AlwaysLou_24 @TwitterMusic What else 🥰

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 2 weeks ago


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@TwitterMusic YES HE DOES

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 2 weeks ago

@TwitterMusic SO TRUE

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@TwitterMusic non oomf spilled

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@TwitterMusic Respectfully disagree. Infact it's wrong.

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@TwitterMusic I’m voting for Fine Line for Favorite Album - Pop/Rock at the #AMAs

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I can't get @IMPACTWRESTLING website to load! Are their servers overloaded now after the @AEW #AEWDynamite finale?

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This was such a fun social wrestling night. And I haven’t even started #NXT yet. #AEWDynamite

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What also blows my mind about the partnership between #AEWDynamite & #IMPACTonAXSTV is how the hell they managed to keep the lid on it to not spoil the surprise. Not to mention the appearance by Sting. The pop he got was insane! Wow.

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Next weeks #AEWDynamite is soooo much CANNOT MISS.

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While we're still buzzing about #AEWDynamite . Can we appreciate just how amazing Mox's title run was?

A lot of us went into tonight not knowing for sure who would win. Mox has been on FIRE this last year-ish. He's been absolutely amazing. It was hard to imagine him losing.


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Was never a huge Moxley fan from the start , but during this pandemic out of all champions across all promotions Moxley stands out head and shoulders above all ! Promos and matches , best of his career . He may have lost the tittle but gained a fan #AEWDynamite

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I wonder if the inner circle are going be ring side with MJF during his match! They already have bad blood with Orange Cassidy so I’m excited to see if this leads anywhere besides the decision of who gets the ring! 👀 #AEWDynamite

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NXT realizing that they can't even move to Tuesday nights anymore 😂😂 #AEWDynamite

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