Replying to @cuppymusic: It’s TIME... Fire your questions! 🧁 #AskCuppyAnything

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 1 week ago

It’s TIME... Fire your questions! 🧁 #AskCuppyAnything

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Well, I was wrong about #PopcornMask. Whoops! She has depths, musically, that I was not aware of! Niiiice. #TheMaskedSinger

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Tonight is my night for #TheMaskedSinger

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My guess for Popcorn was Tina Turner. So tonight when she started singing I was like damn she's singing her own song. Then shit it probably isn't her! #TheMaskedSinger

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mushroom on #themaskedsinger walks like sims w the confident moodlet

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Are we sure #themaskedsinger counts ALL the votes? Tori Kelly is the best singer on that show by at least 3 crocodiles

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