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 1 week ago

Most coronavirus infections are spread by people who have no symptoms, the CDC said in newly updated guidance.

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@cnni Quite interestingly.

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 1 week ago

@cnni So everything we’ve known about viral transmission up till now has been as wrong?

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@cnni Stop confusing us . You guys always publish something new everyday pertaining the virus. Now we no longer know which is which.🙄

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@cnni MM

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 1 week ago

@cnni Weren't the WHO officials saying that most infections are symptomatic?

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@cnni Quite effective news!

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 1 week ago

@cnni That's true because they don't know they are carrying it

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This #MNUFC team is so dynamic going forward, Lod & Molino interchange their runs & almost play as strikers up top with absolute freedom to go anywhere they want to create chances. Add Reynoso to the equation & you have beautiful, free-flowing attacking football.


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Reynoso to Molino is pure magic #MNUFC

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I've watched this 10 times. Definitely on side. The backline looks like they're setting the trap (even if accidental), but Molino times his cut to stay in line with the last defender until the ball comes off.
#MNUFC | #SKCvMIN | #MLSCupPlayoffs | #TimeToSwitch | @SwitchThePitch1

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Je suis toujours en ❤️ avec Molino.

Still in ❤️with Molino.

#MLSCupPlayoffs #MNUFC

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Sporting KC is just sloppy today... #IsaWatch #MNUFC

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Hot nuts! Who wants hot nuts! #MNUFC #MINvSKC

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In all alone!
Incoming, Russell (07) moving on in…
(Mike "Doc" Emrick voice)

Saint Clair (97) SLAMS THE DOOR SHUT on a walk-in breakaway quickshot attempt! None better!
(Jim Hughson voice)
#SKCvMIN #MNUFC #LosLoons #SportingKC #VamosSporting #MLSCupPlayoffs

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