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Germany is now beginning to struggle with more severe infections than at any other point during the pandemic. The country's leadership warned that the health care system could collapse in weeks if the current trajectory continues.

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 1 week ago

@cnni This is so sad. 😒

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@cnni This is an irony, the doctor for disease ironically becomes the patient suffering for the disease.

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@cnni In India, Hydroxychloroquine is available otc and they are doing fantastic. Try using early treatment and get rid of Remdesivir.

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@cnni β€œBut with Covid cases across the region skyrocketing, even Germany's healthcare system is under strain and hospitals in some areas are increasingly coming close to their limits.”

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@cnni β€œThis in in part due to its high intensive care capacity with 33.9 beds per 100,000 inhabitants; in contrast, Italy has just 8.6. ”

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Santa madre De Dios !!! #Station19

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#Station19 is STRESSING me right now. I just know some bs is gonna happen

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I need to see the vagina art too @Station19 @spampistefania @D_SAVRE #Station19

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We went mental for two weeks , waiting for a 1 min scene!?!
And now Jo and Avery are eating each other's face. Just a greaaaaat day all around.
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@Station19 #Station19 #tgit Andy is a part time psychiatrist too it seems.

Done the beans thing, guy mentality I guess.

They saved Sully's career. Maya is his captain.

Probie Sully.

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@Station19 #Station19 #tgit Oh yes, please squeal on Dixon. His son should tell everything he knows.

You took away bacon ?!? I can't with you Warren !!!

Satan lives is right...

I will ALWAYS love Montgomery.

Emmet is a good guy.

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