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 1 week ago

Chancellor Rishi Sunak tells #Marr, Boris Johnson did not ask for an independent report on Priti Patel to be watered down

The review concluded the Home Secretary's behaviour towards civil servants could be "described as bullying"

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 1 week ago

@eca03jeh @BBCPolitics We’ll never see it; just like the now buried Russian file

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 1 week ago

@sosbiggy @BBCPolitics He doesn't. It's obsequiousness.

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 1 week ago

@BBCPolitics Please continue @RishiSunak you are doing so well

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 1 week ago

@BBCPolitics Surely they can release the full report then?

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 1 week ago

@BBCPolitics How does he bloody know?

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 1 week ago

@BBCPolitics Coorrrrrr I just was wanting some “tackling crime” 🤨🥴

Maybe legalise weed and I’d care more

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 1 week ago

@BBCPolitics Accusations of bullying should be taken seriously but Ms Patel wasn’t given feedback on hurt she might have caused+has now apologised.
The political context is a strong-willed minister with a popular agenda trying to reform a sector obstructive to change.

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 1 week ago

@BBCPolitics Well I'm convinced, nobody in this government has lied about anything else.

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@BBCPolitics Is that not a lie?

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Probably Mariah, Ariana and Jhud after belting those high notes and serving the double whistle..


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y’a #OhSanta toi tu regarde no tears left to cry ⚰️

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stream #ohsanta

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#OhSanta is on repeat all night 😭 Mariah and Ari and Jen really did the damn thing

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