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 1 week ago

Shadow Chancellor Anneliese Dodds tells #Marr that dealing with anti-Semitism in the Labour party "is more important than any other consideration"

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 1 week ago

@stephengray54 @BBCPolitics Corbyn's no 1 issue was providing for the homeless. But this is so much more important it's worth killing the party off for.

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 1 week ago

@BBCPolitics After they have sorted that out and stopped patting each other on the back can they represent the working class again?

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@BBCPolitics Can someone tell me why is antisemitism more important than racism, gender inequality, LGTBQ issues?

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 1 week ago

@BBCPolitics If I nod I’m in another room

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@BBCPolitics Talking crap getting rid of food banks should be Labour’s number one issue.

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 1 week ago

@BBCPolitics Whahahahaha the shadow hahahahahahahahaha !!!

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@BBCPolitics Yes. Because it's distracting from their real job which is to be an opposition.

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#LotusInnGrandOpening I think this will be my fav song ever💙

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i feel like i deserve an award for this or somth but STReam LOTUS INN #LotusInnGrandOpening @whydontwemusic @JonahMarais

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daniel clogged the toilet #LotusInnGrandOpening

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i’ll be streaming this song forever 😽

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I’ve had lotus inn on repeat for a while now and it’s gorgeous I love it sm and ily @whydontwemusic #LotusInnGrandOpening

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