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 1 week ago

The US recorded 195,000 new Covid-19 cases in a day. An expert says spread is now "faster" and "broader" than ever

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 1 week ago

@cnni PAY ATTENTION: We have 1,800 Covid deaths/day now with 200,000 new Covid cases/day adding 4,500 to our daily total in 2 weeks. New Covid victims will reach 6,300/day in deaths in 2 weeks. WEAR A MASK!

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@cnni REPUBLICANS...America HAS moved past TanTrumP but will remember GOP CONSPIRING at 2022 Election

Seems Republican Party is a REAL LIVE Conspiracy Theory

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@cnni Winter and Covid19 are best friends

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 1 week ago

@cnni Corona is celebrating Biden’s Victory ✌️

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 1 week ago

@cnni How will this vaccine get to Africa? please lets talk about that,we're humans too

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@cnni Covid Donny Super Spreader Rally has worked...
Republican Party AUTHORIZED remember 2022

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@cnni “The number of US coronavirus cases surpassed 12 million Saturday

-- an increase of more than 1 million cases in less than a week.” #covid19

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@cnni @DawnANjax Yawn, still has less than 1% mortality rate and many of these ‘cases’ are asymptomatic.

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 1 week ago

@cnni Waiting for Thanksgiving numbers..... no one seems to give a shit. It’s astounding.

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Democracy only works when we all show up! -Kerry Washington #OWNYourVote (with @Oprah)

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#OWNyourvote Melissa Butts

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“Democracy only works when we ALL show up!” ~ @kerrywashington 🇺🇸✨
#OWNYourVote. @Oprah @VPIconsulting @joshuadubois @JotakaEaddy @OWNTV

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"I'm not here to rule; I'm here to invite you to the table; because #democracy only works when we work together." - @kerrywashington #OwnYourVote

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"We are the heroe of our journey"- Kerry Washington

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Folks like @StefBrownJames are the real Olivia Pope. Don’t believe me, @kerrywashington just said so! #BlackWomenLead #InRealLife @Oprah #OwnYourVote @CollectivePAC

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The Biden/Harris administration will only be able to govern like it needs if it has control of the Senate. The election in Georgia matters! #OWNyourvote

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"Democracy only works when we all show up." @kerrywashington #ownyourvote #GeorgiaSenate

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