Emily's family had started a crowd-funding appeal to raise £10,000 for private surgery and aftercare, when a local businessman stepped in and offered to pay it all.

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@Soni76853540 Profile picture Soni


 1 week ago

@BBCLookNorth @BBCNews Good people everywhere... generosity for this life saving operation is enormous...three 👏👏👏

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@BBCLookNorth @BBCNews Hope the dog was ok and didn't catch anything

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@Jackie449 Profile picture Jackie Owens


 1 week ago

@BBCLookNorth @BBCNews I’d love to be rich enough to do lovely things like this, what a lovely man x x

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@johnnyett Profile picture John Ettery


 1 week ago

@BBCLookNorth @BBCNews Retores your faith in Humanity doesn't it

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@joshua_tela Profile picture Yahshar Tela


 1 week ago

@BBCLookNorth @BBCNews Generosity is Holy and Divine. May everything be well with the young one and with the businessman.

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@osh_lennon Profile picture Osh Lennon


 1 week ago

@BBCLookNorth @BBCNews Thank you.

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@drivingasap Profile picture P Allan


 1 week ago

@BBCLookNorth @BBCNews 2020 isn’t so bad after all 👍

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@RobinVN4 Profile picture Robin V N


 1 week ago

@BBCLookNorth @BBCNews Lovely to generosity but we should not have to rely on this when we have a NHS. It needs funding.......

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@MimmlesQ Profile picture Joan Quin


 1 week ago

@BBCLookNorth A lovely generous man

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What's felt don't need to be said #tuesdayvibe #tuesdaymotivations

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@JoeBiden and @KamalaHarris : pls do not let @neeratanden make cuts to #SocialSecurity . There will be a silver-haired revolt in #America if she does. @AARPpolicy @AARP @AARPadvocates @SSWorks @SocialSecurity #tuesdaymotivations

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Its chilly today in SC. I get to wear my keffiyeh. Nm the scowl. That's just what my face looks like when I try to figure out these new fangeled cell phone thingies...

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Audio clip from our latest episode “Ladies Night”. Available now in most major podcast platforms. #MentalHealthAwareness #PodcastRecommendations #tuesdaymotivations

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Dear December, let's make this the best one yet!

#DearDecember #TuesdayMotivations #December1st

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Wet heat and passion for #tuesdaymotivations

"An instant flame of heat shot through my body as his mouth met my wanting flesh, his tongue dancing across my nipples.
He reached down, his blunt fingertips rubbing against my clit..."

#erotica #sexy #stories #romance

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Love this quote by Einstein. Who knew that he was full of so much practical, down to earth wisdom! A very bright man on so many levels!

#quotestoliveby #tuesdaymotivations #quotes #quotesoftheday

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