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 1 week ago

Cancer patient: 'It is just inhumane' - Masha, aged 20, and her family speak about their exasperation at problems getting funding for her vital drug - more on the story on 6pm News

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 1 week ago

@bozzmm @BBCHughPym @BBCNews Impossible to do as the data for deaths from covid is corrupted as it includes 1000s who would have died anyway but just happened to test positive for covid at the time..... RTA with your head hanging on by a thread, but had covid.... Cause of death = covid

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 1 week ago

@dinkeydee2 @BBCHughPym @BBCNews Read the article it's about a private healthcare provider not the NHS

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 1 week ago

@BBCHughPym @BBCNews She is only 20 every thing that can be done should be done that includes paying for her drugs experimental or not!! I will never understand how the NHS can vary so widely depending on stupid things like your postcode

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 1 week ago

@BBCHughPym @BBCNews It's inhumane that GPs use Covid as an excuse not to do their jobs properly.... cancer diagnosis being constantly missed

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 1 week ago

@BBCHughPym @BBCNews National health service, more like regional health lottery at the moment.

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@BBCHughPym @BBCNews Money is being thrown away willy milky in pointless projects but where it is needed most...no support!

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@BBCHughPym @BBCNews God please bless this angel with a miracle 🙏❤️

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Basit göreveler yaprak çok iyi paralar kazanin


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Let's raise one plant to protect us
In our old days to shade us in hard times #protectsoil #earthquake #forests #SoilDay #soil
Trees help in binding soil and decrease the rate of erosion

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#Earthquake of magnitude 3.2 at #Western_Montana. Retweet if you felt it.

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