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 1 month ago

Thinking about sex can help you hold your pee.

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@einbrick1 @UberFacts Thinking about holding can help you pee sex.

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 1 month ago

@BrandonLeatham @UberFacts She’s still holding her pee

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 1 month ago

@UberFacts my wife hasn't thought about sex with me for 15 years

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@UberFacts Because it switches to something else

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@UberFacts Luckily my wife loves a golden shower

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 1 month ago

@UberFacts cool

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 1 month ago

@UberFacts Can thinking about pee help you hold your sex?

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@UberFacts Wahala dey ooo

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 1 month ago

@UberFacts false

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The mean nicknames he created - pure comedy #ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump

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Love how he turns slightly...as he hears *A* rip...was that me....with Nancy smirking @TeamPelosi A classic! #FeelingAmerican #Inauguration2021 is the highlight of my life! Getting back our dignity with a diverse, very intelligent Team At The Helm! #ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump

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#ThingsImGonnaMissAboutTrump His economy, His Stock Market, his ability to bring peace to the middle east and his ability to secure the border and most importantly "America First" Yeah baby, now China will take over, job loses, food lines and violence. #BIDENCRIMEFAMILYEXPOSED

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