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 1 month ago

Are we sure #themaskedsinger counts ALL the votes? Tori Kelly is the best singer on that show by at least 3 crocodiles

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Outraged! #Stolenvalor Cawthorn needs to be one and done in Congress

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Live look at @ColMorrisDavis, now that the rest of the country is realizing what a disgusting phoney #NC11 Rep @CawthornforNC is.
He tried to tell ya'll last year what a Nazi Sex Pest Madison was.

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My last trip to the #USNA ( #NavalAcademy #Annapolis). Pretty sure I spent more time at this most precious institution than the #StolenValor @RepCawthorn @CawthornforNC who lied about attending and implying he graduated from here. #JackRyan he is not!

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@NCGOP @CawthornforNC #StolenValor πŸ‘‡

Madison Cawthorn's claim about the Naval Academy creates false impression and he won't correct it because his intent is to deceive

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