Facebook Invests $150 Million in Affordable Housing for the Bay Area

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@fbnewsroom @Facebook Estimados de team @Facebook este es el cuarto día que no puedo ingresar a mi cuenta y por ende tampoco a mi página comercial. Aún espero el sms de 6 dígitos! Help me! Please! El código nunca llega!

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@hallindes Profile picture Hal Lindes


 1 month ago

@fbnewsroom @Facebook Dear Facebook,
Please turn off the 2FA or send a code via text, I don’t have, and never have had a code generator like your FB bug is requiring.
I’m sure you’ll be mighty rewarded by the 5000 Dire Straits FB fans.
Hal Lindes - Dire Straits - Facebook Lockout Day 13

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@GarzillaX Profile picture xGarzilla


 1 month ago

@fbnewsroom @Facebook Facebook removes Most Recent from mobile browser site for no reason.

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@fbnewsroom @FBoversight @facebookapp @Facebook @facebookai @Liz_Shepherd @andymstone @guyro @codorniou thats great but wonder if you can invest in customer service #facebookdisabledme #instagramdisabledme

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Today, I am creating curiosity, courage and full participation... What are you creating today for your life?

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Your next stimulus check may be the first of several the people making these decisions don’t live in our shoes. They should live paycheck to paycheck. Trying to figure which bills to pay, insurance to pay, food to buy, utility to pay etc #wednesdaythought

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Honour Of Women is organizing a free legal counselling session .
Kindly register on the link given below:

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Almighty God Kabir appeared to many great souls and explained to them the creation of the universe, imparted the true Spritual knowledge and also took him to his place Satlok.

Lord Kabir Ji
To know more visit satlok aashram YouTube channel

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According to our holly book Geeta the Real guru always gives naamdiksha in three step. Today only @SaintRampalJiM give the complete nam diksha.
Visit Sant Rampal Ji Maharaj YouTube channel

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“Sujood extinguishes the spirit of egoism and pride, and delivers man from vanity.”
Imam Ali (as)

📌 It is only in #sujood when your heart aches & your #tears flow that you realize your #soul wants nothing more than to be with it’s Creator in #Paradise!

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@thedigitalgumbo Big Game Pre-Game Show Coming Live to #Twitch on Sun. 2/7 at 4:45PM ET. Be There! Details Here:

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