Interacted with @htTweets on Mumbai’s inclusion in the @c40cities and Maharashtra’s plan to fight climate change

@UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality

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@karanleo44 Profile picture karan singh


 4 weeks ago

@AUThackeray @htTweets @c40cities @UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality Boss please come with proper policy so that Chemical Industry from Ambernath can be moved,which is causing huge pollution
Morivali MIDC affecting thousands of residential

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@AUThackeray @htTweets @c40cities @UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality #Tiger_Aditya ❤️💪

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@iam_MPK Profile picture manish


 4 weeks ago

@AUThackeray @htTweets @c40cities @UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality Bro for the sake of Mumbai let’s move on with Metro car shed at Aarey!

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@amitchavan21 Profile picture Amit Chavan


 4 weeks ago

@AUThackeray @htTweets @c40cities @UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality The decision you make is bringing change , we believe you for our better future . Thankyou

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@AUThackeray @htTweets @c40cities @UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality Climate change is a fact ,
Choice is very simple
Scrap the idea of urbanisation . But everyone wants everything it can't be possible.

If we compare energy has been used for data in 2000 and 2020s we would get a clear view . But we are fighting for everything in social media

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@AUThackeray @htTweets @c40cities @UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality @NitinRaut_INC यांनी 5-6 वेळा आदेश देऊन सुध्दा निवड यादी प्रसिद्ध केली नाही, पक्षपात करण्या-या महाभकास आघाडी सरकारने 31 डिसेंबर पर्यंत 5000 #विद्युत_सहाय्यक निवड यादी जाहीर न केल्यास 1 जानेवारीला आमरण उपोषण, आमच्या हक्काची नोकरी कोणाच्या दबावाखाली रोखली आहे. @MAHAVITARAN

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@Sachinckavde Profile picture Sachin Kavde


 4 weeks ago

@AUThackeray @htTweets @c40cities @UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality Great sir👏

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@AUThackeray @htTweets @c40cities @UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality Why don't you start with working on colonial sewge system and ensuring that city doesn't go under water. Playing grown up with outsiders can wait. Deliver on small things. Cc: @priyankac19

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@AUThackeray @htTweets @c40cities @UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality ❤

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@AUThackeray @htTweets @c40cities @UNFCCC @UNEP @ClimateReality Good morning sir and jai Maharstara💐🙏

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Les gens qui font des interprétations sémiologiques foireuses sur le sens des drapeaux ou des faisceaux, c'est vraiment terrible... Non, ce n'est ni Nuremberg, ni un cimetière 😒

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@EricTrump only a few more hours till your daddy is kick out of the White House. He is a sad losser. Soon you all will be charged for your actions. #ConvictTrump #BidenHarrisInauguration

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What a special week. Truly. Tomorrow will be such an exciting day. Thursday is a personally exciting day for my family. Then it's Friday, a day that naturally kicks ass.yay for some positivity! How refreshing. #BidenHarrisInauguration #ByeTrump #anniversary #9years #2ndbirthday

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Replying to
If your future husband became President, you would be "First Lady Lady Gaga". #Inauguration2021 #BidenHarrisInauguration

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