Trump’s threat against the Secretary of State of Georgia is outrageous. It is the most consequential attack on American democracy in the history of our country.

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@isaacappelt @BernieSanders Absolutely right!

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@leftjerkstore @BernieSanders They never specified to be fair, think they meant the Kremlin’s.

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@highlevelgenius @BernieSanders It's only outrageous if a democrat does it

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@BernieSanders The party of constitutional fundamentalist have a weird way of showing it.

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@BernieSanders it’s time to impeach him, and remove him. send a message this won’t be tolerated, even by a lame duck president

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@BernieSanders horny for you we are

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3.5 mile walk on some new (to us) back roads with @MrPerezSDoL this morning. We also passed a one room school house. Its always so much fun to find little gems in your own back yard! #fitleaders #mondaythoughts

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How heartless and full of cocaine do you have to be to mock a fire at a homeless shelter? 👇

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Made some pendants. I took the other things out of the molds. Will make another video of them when they harden a bit more. #craftbizparty #CraftHour #resinart #ValentinesDay #artshare #Artist #mondaythoughts #craftbizhour #elevenseshour

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