A $15 minimum wage, fighting climate change and expanding health care are at stake in today’s Senate runoffs. 

Phonebank with Georgia @WorkingFamilies today to win in Georgia. 

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 3 weeks ago

@RealtyTao @BernieSanders @WorkingFamilies “Everything I don’t like is communism”

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@BernieSanders @WorkingFamilies They were also at stake in the 2020 primaries and you folded. And by the way, $15 isn't a livable wage, it's just better than $7.25.

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 3 weeks ago

@BernieSanders @WorkingFamilies Communists won't win, even black one .

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@BernieSanders @WorkingFamilies I hope democracy wins out for you guys across the pond.

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@BernieSanders @WorkingFamilies Senate GOP preparing to challenge electoral college.

#GOPSeditiousTraitors #TrumpIsACompleteFailure

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Battle Royale: Star Focus

'Samuel L Jackson' V 'Denzel Washington'.

Whose Team and Movies are you picking?
Catch More on THE MOVIES🎬On @CoolFMAbuja
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An interesting piece of pop history-listen to the latest Vinyl Countdown show for more music on #vinyl and pop trivia at
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🇬🇧 Good morning to everyone!

Have you heard that @instagram is planning to remove the famous "like" bottom? Apparently, it seems to be harmful to mental health.

What do you think about it?

#Insta #Instalike #likes #mentalhealth #Thursdayvibes

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#OnlineSatsangs January 28, 2021

🌸Dharmasamvad : Basic tenets of Hindu Culture : Sanatan Dharmagranths (Part 51)
Rebuttal of the defamation of Vedas and Puranas
🕖7.00 p.m. | 1.00 p.m. on January 29 (re-telecast)


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Trap or get out! 🐼🔥✖ with the #Traphouseking Tshirt by
#Pahndablac 🐼✖

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🎶 Sometimes, I give myself away
🎶 Sometimes, I know down deep
... Deep inside of you. 🎶

#ThrowbackThursday #RandomThoughts #music #LateNightVibes
#thursdayvibes #honesty

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@HinduJagrutiOrg आयोजित

🚩ऑनलाईन हिंदु राष्ट्र-जागृती सभा 🚩

हर घर भगवा छायेगा #रामराज्य फिर आयेगा

अवश्य सहभागी व्हा....
🗓️शनिवार, ०६ फेब्रुवारी २०२१
🕖 सायं ७.०० वाजता

📲Watch live
#thursdayvibes #HinduRashtra

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