With Democrats in control of the Senate, we must keep faith with the working families of this country. Promises made must be kept. That means not only the $2,000 direct payment, but an aggressive agenda that recognizes the economic desperation facing so many Americans.

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@landymac2 @BernieSanders That's not up to the Senate, but you're not wrong

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@DrPeacelove @BernieSanders Trust me, coming from a country that had public health, it's not all it's cracked up to be. No one should be turned away for not having insurance but Medicare for all is not the solution.

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@BernieSanders Also, while we are at it, end gerrymandering and abolish the electoral college as well.

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@BernieSanders Abolished the electoral college. That’s all the people need.

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 3 weeks ago

@BernieSanders we love you Bernie

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@BernieSanders What is your plan and time frame for #MedicareForAll? 45,000-68,000 Americans are dying every single year because they can’t afford basic healthcare. Get the votes. Apply political pressure. You have the biggest megaphone in the country. Waiting 31 years is NOT an option. #M4ANow

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 3 weeks ago

@BernieSanders Exactly no mfn excuses now

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 3 weeks ago

@BernieSanders Breaking news🛑🛑🛑breading news 🛑🛑🛑🛑Georgia state test positive for big democracy 19

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@BernieSanders Thanks Bernie

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@BernieSanders There’s no excuses now!

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#BCSpoilers vanica😩😩😩😩😩😩

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Es algo obvio pero este podría ser el comienzo de nuestro futuro Rey Mago.

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162 is the start of the anime original ending, where Dante, revealed to be asta's father, trains Asta to become the wizard king!! #BCSpoilers

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Comentário do autor de Black Clover #BCSpoilers Tabata para a edição desta semana: “Depois de desenhar louva-a-deus outro dia, assisti o programa de TV" Mantis Sensei "e o louva-a-deus estava incrível!”

Tabata eu te amo ♥️

Obrigado pela sua história, pelos seus desenhos!

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