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Use Signal

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@iamsahil555 @elonmusk “Use brain Elon”

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@elonmusk Knowing that SpaceX only accepts internship applications from students aged 18 and above, this is my only way of reaching out to you. I believe I can provide some help; not much, but more than nothing.

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@elonmusk Elon Musk, I’m a high school student, currently in 10th grade, and would love to do a summer internship at SpaceX to learn more about rockets, and help with SpaceX’s vision. I have a strong passion for rockets, and admire your innovative approach to colonizing Mars.

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@elonmusk Use brain Elon.

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@elonmusk ESP BMW drivers

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@elonmusk ratio’ed

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@elonmusk What's signal

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@elonmusk Take me to the aliens

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@jimmyfallon #MyWorstCar was the car I came home from the hospital in after I was born, a Saab 9-5. Since they don’t make them anymore, they’re expensive to fix so when something broke I didn’t do anything about it. It didn’t have AC or heat, but the heated seats worked. The radio worked, but

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I had an old car that had an ignition problem. The only way to get it to start was to lick the key then put in the ignition! It wasn’t my lucky car but my ‘lick key’ car. #MyWorstCar

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@jimmyfallon #MyWorstCar was shared with my brothers. Bought for $250 from the neighbor & dubbed “The Beast.” The lights would turn off randomly while driving and we would have to repeatedly punch the dash to get them to turn back on. 55 mph driving down the hwy at night punching the dash. 🤦🏽‍♀️

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#MyWorstCar but my first car... 1976 Plymouth valiant slant 6.... I loved that car!!

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I had a Ford escort that will smoke in the inside through the air vents 🤦🏽‍♀️😂 #MyWorstCar

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@jimmyfallon I had a 2007 orange Chevy cobalt that leaked gasoline. Every time I stopped, I got a bit buzzed. #MyWorstCar

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